Site Credits

Curatorial Team
Melissa Banta
Rachel Wise 
Laura Linard

Exhibition Team
Kate Neptune 
Heather Oswald
Melissa Murphy
Margaret Dalton
Annie Boniface
Clarissa Yingling 

Conservation Team
Lisa Clark
Debra Cuoco

Kristen Senz

Catalog Design
Jean Wilcox
Wilcox Design

Exhibition Design 
Chris Danemayer
proun Design 

Exhibition Fabrication 
WB Incorporated
MSP Xpress

Website Design/Production 
Jean Wilcox, Douglas Green
Wilcox Design
Jerry Shu
Jennifer Wilson

Digital Photography 
Harvard Library Imaging Services

Kirkwood Printing

Kenneth J. Peterson
Executive Director
Knowledge & Library Services

Laura Linard
Senior Director
Baker Library Special Collections

Supported by the de Gaspé Beaubien Family Endowment at Harvard Business 


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