This online exhibit is based on a retrospective exhibit that appeared at the National Cartoon Museum in Boca Raton, Florida, in 1999, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of "Pepper...and Salt". The original exhibit was curated by Charles Preston and the museum staff, and the content on this Web site is drawn from their work.

We are especially grateful to Charles Preston for more than fifty years of dedication and creativity as the editor of "Pepper...and Salt," reflected in this exhibition and in his gift of the Wall Street Journal Cartoon Collection to Baker Library.

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  1. Bernard Wiseman, "Wilkins never wastes a minute..."
  2. Doris Matthews, "I wish I had the nerve..."
  3. Glenn Bernhardt, "Business administration, eh?..."
  4. Herb Bram, "I'm always happy when the market goes down..."
  5. John Dempsey, "I tell you I had a tough day, too..."


  1. Bruce Cochran, "I'm sorry, sir..."
  2. Clem Scalzetti, "And to think all these..."
  3. Dave Gerard, "Every Monday it's the same thing..."
  4. H.L. Schwadron, "Old McDonald's farm has been sold..."
  5. Marty Lowe, "And to those who will become captains of industry..."


  1. Aaron Bacall, "In a complex court settlement..."
  2. Bob Schochet, "Look sharp. Here comes the ol' man."
  3. Brenda Burbank, "Here's a bit of nostalgia for you..."
  4. Ed Lepper, "On my vacation, I'm going to do things..."
  5. Joe Serrano, "My advice is-join the Establishment..."


  1. Dave Carpenter, "Sorry, Clayton, but ever since we downsized..."
  2. Thomas Runyan, "We've found the key to productivity..."
  3. Mike Twohy, [No caption-man following dollar bill]
  4. Sidney Harris, "It's all because of Fradkin..."
  5. Thomas W. Cheney, "Marry me, Judith..."


  1. Bo Brown, "The market has been erratic this week."
  2. Eli Stein, "But I'll certainly keep you in mind..."
  3. George Abbot, [No caption-Honey, I'm home!]
  4. John Caldwell, "He just sits there all day..."
  5. Nick Hobart, "It seems they were on a conference call."


  1. Dave Carpenter, "The good news, sir..."
  2. Mike Lynch, "Hoskins, try saying 'profits are up'..."
  3. Mike Shapiro, "Everybody say I.P.O."
  4. Thomas Runyan, "You can't report him to the CEO..."
  5. Thomas Runyan, "Since they've sequenced the DNA..."

A Word from Charles Preston

  • Caricature artist - Ismael Roldan

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