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This Web site is designed to assist researchers in locating resources on women's history within the Business Manuscripts Collection at Baker Library, Harvard Business School. It performs the traditional role of a print bibliography, with the added flexibility of linking information within an online environment.

Structure of the Site
The Collections page introduces the user to the main conceptual framework of the site. The five main headings used to organize the collections described in the site represent broad conceptual themes. Each of these headings is divided into subheadings, which cover more focused topics within the theme of the main heading.

Clicking on each of the main headings listed on the collections page will take you to an introductory page for that heading, which explains the main heading's theme, and lists and defines the subheadings that fall underneath it. The sidebar text on the right of each introductory page highlights one or two items from Baker Library that illustrate the theme of the main heading.

Main Collections Page

Clicking on a subheading will take you to the collection list pertaining to that topic. Each collection in the list is accompanied by a brief description summarizing relevant materials found in the collection. The sidebar text on the right of each collection list highlights specific examples from one or two of the collections cited.

Collections List

Clicking on an individual collection name in the collection list will take you to a collection page, which provides the complete description of the women's history materials within that collection. Please note that these are not full collection descriptions; they are descriptions of only the women's history resources within the collection. For more information on a collection, you can link to the Baker Online Catalog (BOC) record by clicking on the link that appears at the top of the collection page.

Collection Page

Once you are in the Baker Online Catalog record, you can follow the linked resources link to go back to the front page of the Women, Enterprise and Society site.

While the Collections page presents information within a broader conceptual context, the indexes provide a more direct approach to finding collections. Visit the Indexes page for more information.

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