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The successful production of Women, Enterprise and Society: A Guide to Resources in the Business Manuscripts Collection at Baker Library is the result of the efforts of many Baker Library staff members over a three-year period. During this time we conducted a comprehensive survey of the manuscript collections, produced an exhibition, and designed and launched two Web sites. Sincere thanks is due to all these individuals for their many contributions, support, and most importantly, their enthusiasm.

Laura Cochrane and Clara Bouricius did an exceptional job managing the two phases of the Women in Business Project. They approached the many challenges of a project this size with creativity and energy. The results of their dedication and hard work are seen in the collection descriptions and content of this Web guide.

This project would not have been possible without early support from Rysia de Ravel, MBA 1983, and the Harvard University Women's Matching Fund. Finally, thanks is due to Tom Michalak, Executive Director of Baker Library, who has created an environment at Baker that supports and encourages innovative approaches to our work, allowing projects such as this one to develop and flourish.

Laura Linard
Director of Historical Collections
Baker Library
Harvard Business School
January 2002

Clara Bouricius, Project Manager       Laura Cochrane, Project Manager
Priscilla Anderson Margaret Hale
Karen Bailey Nicole Hayes
Melissa Clarke Mark Koyama
Christine DiBella Tim Mahoney
Kathyrn Downing Lisa Moorhead
Tim Driscoll Cliff Moreland
Carol Ellerbeck Christine Riggle
Jim Fiebelkorn Peter Schiller
Maggie Gardner Sydney Schuster
Jeff Griffith Amy Staehr
Wendy Guild Carla Tishler
Sam Hainer June Turner

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