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Retail Industry: General Stores

Afro-American Agricultural Laborers Collection
Mss 1 1797-1799 N892
Includes payments to women for spinning yarn.

Anthony Family Collection
Mss 899 1815-1859 A628
Accounts of a general store in Providence, Rhode Island, from 1815 to 1859, in which women are credited for domestic labor and production. The collection also includes the financial papers of Sarah P. Anthony, who was the executrix of her husband's estate, as well as the accounts of her own estate in 1845.

Baker, B.N. & A. Collection
Mss 773 1837-1857 B168
Records, from 1837 to 1841, of payments to women for producing clothing with materials supplied by a local merchant in Bakersville, Connecticut.

Nathaniel Bradley and Company Collection
Mss 77 1827-1886 B811
Records of a company that manufactured palm-leaf hats.

Business Card Collection
Business cards from the second half of the nineteenth century include advertisements for businesses owned by women.

Charles C. Chandler Collection
Mss 77 1785-1811 C455
Account book kept by a storeowner and farmer was used later by his widow.

E. B. Chase Collection
Mss 77 1833-1860 C487
Includes credits to various women for making shirts, renting land, and for domestic labor, as well as accounts for Lyndon Academy, a school run by Henry and Ada Chase between 1861 and 1862.

Albert W. Crafts Collection
Mss 77 1824-1879 C885
Collection of a manufacturer who produced palm-leaf hats.

Miss Sarah Curtis Collection
Mss 871 1862-1866 C891
Two account books for a dry goods store in Hampden, Maine, owned by Sarah Curtis between 1862 and 1866.

Daniel Douglas Collection
Mss 77 1795-1813 D733
Includes payments to women for washing and cleaning, as well as for teaching the art of making clothing.

Frost Family Collection
Mss 77 1727-1884 F939
Includes accounts for domestic labor and textile production, as well as the account of Peggy Frost Chesley, who owned a sawmill at the end of the eighteenth century.

Mixter-Knight Collection
Mss 455 1833-1847 B987
Includes records of payments to women who produced palm-leaf hats.

Thomas S. Taylor Collection
Mss 77 1807-1863 T238
Includes accounts for Mary Barber, who ran a tavern in Kingston, Rhode Island, in the 1820s.

Vertical file: retail selling
Mss 1404
The grocery accounts of Lucretia Gowdey and a letter written by Harriet Hall.

Nathan Webb Collection
Mss 833 1859-1902 W367
The records of a Maine lawyer and judge include private correspondence, estate correspondence, legal papers, and financial records concerning a number of women.

Dexter Whittemore & Son Collection
Mss 77 1809-1868 W624
Records of a company that manufactured palm-leaf hats.

Francis W. Winn Collection
Mss 44 1710-1938
The ledger of a woolen textile mill and general store in Dexter, New York, records payments for piecework to women weavers.

William H. Witherle Collection
Mss 77 1806-1892 W
Records of payments to women for knitting mittens with yarn supplied by a local merchant.

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