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Retail Industry

Mrs. Browning Collection
Mss 77 1859-1865 B885
Account book of a woman who owned a notions shop in Hardwick, Massachusetts, during the mid-nineteenth century.

Business Card Collection
Business cards from the second half of the nineteenth century include advertisements for businesses owned by women.

Chace, Luther and Company Collection
Mss 442 1827-1862
The "Laborers's Ledger" (from 1834 to 1839) of a cotton textile mill in Grafton, Massachusetts, lists wage payments to women weavers, as well as credits to boarding house keepers, some of whom were women, for the renters' wages.

R.G. Dun & Company Collection
Mss 791 1840-1895
Consists of 2,580 volumes of handwritten credit reports on individuals and firms from the United States, the western territories, Canada, and the West Indies.

A. Lincoln Filene Collection
Mss 776 1921-1925
The papers of Boston department store President and civic leader A. Lincoln Filene (1865-1957) include correspondence on women's vocational education, some materials on saleswomen at Filene's department store, and correspondence and pamphlets on women active in educational reform.

Gimbels and Saks Collection
Mss 776 1939-1960
Includes collective bargaining agreements of mid-twentieth-century New York department stores employing women retail clerks.

Louis E. Kirstein Collection
Mss 776 1909-1942
The office files of Louis Kirstein, Vice-president of Filene's of Boston (1911-1942), contain material throughout on the professional role of his secretary; correspondence with women working for charities; material on women working at Filene's; and personal correspondence with his sister, wife, and daughters.

R. H. Macy and Company Collection
Mss 776 1858-1919 M177
Includes interviews that describe the work of female executives during the early years of Macy's department store.

Isaac G. Pierson and Brothers Collection
Mss 501 1795-1865
Records of nineteenth-century nail and cotton factories include employee records for women workers and company store records.

Plympton Cotton Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1817-1840
Women's accounts with a company store in Plympton, Massachusetts, from 1830 to 1840.

Raymond's Collection
Mss 776 1956-1972
Copy ads, 1956 to 1972, of a Boston, Massachusetts, discount warehouse that provide insight into American gender imagery and family consumption patterns.

Resseguie Collection
Mss 776 c.1945-1966
Contains the research files of Harry E. Resseguie for a publication on the history of the department store in the second half of the twentieth century. Clippings from Women's Wear Daily and other newspapers, as well as manuscript notes, offer a wealth of information on all aspects of the history of the department stores and the retail industry.

Slater Companies Collection
Mss 442 1793-1926 S631
Records of a series of nineteenth-century New England textile mills contain information about women workers, patronage records, as well as some information on Slater family estates.

E. H. Stewart/Higbee Company Collection
Mss 776 1932-1944
Survey records for a Cleveland, Ohio, department store contain information on salary ranges, a poll of buying habits in the area, as well as reports and manuals for a company whose business was dominated by women.

Trade Catalog Collection
Collection of nineteenth-century trade catalogs provides insight into the development of domestic technology and the emergence of consumer products, and includes catalogs for businesses owned by women.

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