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Cornelia W. Loring Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 8995 1835-1859 L873
Volumes 1-3

The Cornelia Loring collection comprises three expense books kept in Boston, Massachusetts, between 1835 and 1836. They document her charitable expenses, including individuals in need, the Samaritan Asylum, the antislavery cause, the Seaman's Aid Society, Trinity Church Society, and "the colored infant school."

The day books also record her expenses for books and journals, including library books, Herman's poems, History of Greece, France and Rome, Aristo, 8 vols., Shakespeare, Faust, a German grammar, Life of the Savior, Sprague's poems, Mrs. Lee's tales, Martin Chizzlewith, the Morning Post, Lady's Book, Philadelphia News, and Leslie's Magazine.

She also paid for entertainment, including the theater, galleries, concerts, fairs, the public gardens, the sculpture gallery, Haywood's gallery, a diorama of Bunker Hill, the museum, and lectures.

She records payments to many female merchants and laborers, including Miss Adams for a dress, Mrs. Porter for a bonnet, for altering a bonnet, and for trimming a bonnet, Mrs. Callenders for a small brush, Mrs. Brooks for books and sundries, Mrs. Ulman for binding a book, Miss Powers for lining a bonnet, Mrs. Gregory for wrought cuffs, Mrs. Conant for washing a dress, Mrs. Francis for books, and Matilda for making a lawn dress.

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