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Ownership and Investment

Allen-Lane Company Collection
Mss 761 1853-1941
Includes payrolls of nineteenth- and twentieth-century New England textile mills, as well as stockholder records, family records, and information on knitting outwork.

Mrs. Elizabeth Bollingham Collection
Mss 83 1697-1795 (Oversized Vertical File)
An indenture documenting the lease of land in Boston in 1697.

Bromfield and Rogers Collection
Mss 761 1784-1824 B868
Papers related to the investments of Hannah B. Rogers between 1823 and 1829.

Ella Lyman Cabot Collection
Mss 8993 1919-1936 C116
The early twentieth-century financial records of educator Ella Lyman Cabot.

Coolidge Family Collection
Mss 8993 1857-1938
The business records of the Coolidge family of Boston, Massachusetts, contain extensive documentation, from 1871 to 1938, on several generations of trusts.

Dover-Cocheco Collection
Mss 442 1821-1879
The records of a New Hampshire cotton manufacturer (from 1827 to 1845) containing payrolls for women textile workers, as well as records of women stockholders.

R.G. Dun & Company Collection
Mss 791 1840-1895
Consists of 2,580 volumes of handwritten credit reports on individuals and firms from the United States, the western territories, Canada, and the West Indies.

Duren Family Collection
Mss 641 1814-1896 D955
The Duren family papers include an account book that records payments for domestic help between 1841 and 1856, as well as deeds for lands owned by women in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Hall Family Collection
Mss 899 1765-1840 H175
Deeds, receipts, accounts, and legal papers of the Hall family of Medford, Massachusetts, from 1765 to 1840.

Hallowell, Jones and Donald Collection
Mss 761 1871-1954
Includes investment records for women, household accounts, salary records for domestic laborers, and a list of contributors to the Calhoun Colored School in Calhoun, Alabama.

Hamilton Woolen Company Collection
Mss 446 1822-1936
The papers of a Massachusetts woolen manufacturer include women in payroll records, stockholder records, and strike memoranda.

Hayden, Stone & Company Collection
Mss 783 1893-1961
The business records of a New York and Boston financier and broker contain women's investment and trust records, as well as the commission records of several bonds saleswomen.

Hobbs' Lands Collection
Mss 768 1824-1914 H684
Documents a widow's management of her late husband's property.

Louis E. Kirstein Collection
Mss 776 1909-1942
The office files of Louis Kirstein, Vice-president of Filene's of Boston (1911-1942), contain material throughout on the professional role of his secretary; correspondence with women working for charities; material on women working at Filene's; and personal correspondence with his sister, wife, and daughters.

Lancaster Mills Collection
Mss 442 1844-1931
Records of a nineteenth- and twentieth-century Massachusetts textile manufacturer contain records for women workers and investors

Lyman Mills Collection
Mss 442 1854-1927 L986
Records of a textile mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts, from 1854 to 1927 include payrolls, rent records, and accident notices, as well as material on the importation of women workers.

Alfred Patterson Collection
Mss 768 1895-1929
The appointment books, ledgers, and cash books of a real estate broker and insurance agent in Arlington, Massachusetts, record real estate purchases, rent payments, tax and utility payments, and payments for insurance policies by numerous women from 1895 to 1920.

Peace Dale Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 446 1742-1919
Records of a nineteenth-century Rhode Island textile manufacturer include information on women workers, an eighteenth-century South Carolina plantation day book, and bank and estate records for Mary P. Hazard.

Pepperell Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1741-1928 P424
Records of a Maine cotton manufacturer include employment records for women workers and information about women investors.

Richard Smith Collection
Mss 301 1761-1795 S657
Includes deeds recording the sale of land by Hannah Stevens in 1769 and Sharon Pease in 1791.

Don Juan Stoughton Collection
Mss 91 1794-1820 S889
Letter book containing Stoughton's correspondence with the Widow McRoberts & Company in Cadiz, Spain, mainly regarding her interest in Spanish ships, as well as letters from Mrs. John Stoughton regarding the settlement of her husband's estate.

United States Instantaneous Photographic Company Collection
Vertical file: Mss 1404
Papers relating to Ella Floyd as a major stockholder in the United States Instantaneous Photographic Company.

Wendell Family Collection
Mss 733 1722-1865
Includes women's personal correspondence, essays and school papers, and John Dorr's diary and eulogy for his wife, Esther Goldthwait Dorr. The collection also contains letters written to Anne Rindge between 1742 and 1748 regarding her shipping interests, and the papers of Dorothy Wendell, who ran a cattle farm in the early part of the nineteenth century.

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