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Isaac G. Pierson and Brothers Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 501 1795-1865
Series A: Day books, store records; Series B: Ledgers
Series F: Receipts for wages; Series L: Time books, work books, ledgers
Series N: Farm and store records

Isaac G. Pierson and Brothers began as a firm manufacturing cut nails and screws in Ramapo, New York, at the turn of the eighteenth century and expanded by the 1820s to include a cotton factory. The company provided a complete community for its employees, operating a general store, a flour mill, a farm, a wood lot, a church, a school, dwelling houses, tenements, and a worker-funded Society for Mutual Support.

In the early part of the nineteenth century, some of the work seems to have been done as outwork, with pay arranged by a system of barter. For instance, in 1809, Catherine Fox, a widow, was billed for "leather, 166 1/2 pounds of iron, 1 pair of shoes for son," and was credited with "part of a note, carting iron, fruit, and cash in full." Later work books from 1817 to 1833 include separate records for men and women.

Wage and time accounting
Ledgers: BD 1-4 (1795-1831); BE 1-3 (1833-1846)

Receipts for wages: F 1-4 (1798-1864); FB 1 (1836-1837)

Time books: LE-1-5 (1816-1828); LF 1 (1818-1822); LG 1 (1845)

Work books, cotton production, women only: LL 1-12 (1817-1833)

Company Patronage
Store accounts: AE 1-14 (1813-1861); AH 1 (1826-1827); AM1-5 (1803-1840, ten year samples); BB-1-2 (1809-1818); BF 1-5 (1849-1852); BH 1 (1846-1852); GD 1-2 (1843-1847); NC 1 (1820-1826)

Flour Mill: ND-1 (1813-1814)

Farm accounts: NC-1 (1820-1826)

Day books: AB 1 (1796-1801); AC 1-18 (1798-1839)

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