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Allen-Lane Company Collection
Mss 761 1853-1941
Includes payrolls of nineteenth- and twentieth-century New England textile mills, as well as stockholder records, family records, and information on knitting outwork.

Baker, B.N. & A. Collection
Mss 773 1837-1857 B168
Records, from 1837 to 1841, of payments to women for producing clothing with materials supplied by a local merchant in Bakersville, Connecticut.

Nathaniel Bradley and Company Collection
Mss 77 1827-1886 B811
Records of a company that manufactured palm-leaf hats.

Aaron Claflin Collection
Mss 641 1839-1845 C583
Aaron Claflin manufactured shoes, boots, and palm-leaf hats.

Albert W. Crafts Collection
Mss 77 1824-1879 C885
Collection of a manufacturer who produced palm-leaf hats.

J. A. Frye Shoe Company Collection
Mss 641 1867-1903
Ledgers of a Massachusetts shoe manufacturer record payments to women shoe workers.

House of Industry (South Boston, Massachusetts) Collection
Mss 9353 1839-1846 H848
Accounts of a South Boston, Massachusetts, poorhouse.

William Lamb Collection
Mss:9353 1836-1841 L218
Diaries of an inmate at the House of Industry in South Boston, Massachusetts, 1836-1841.

Mixter-Knight Collection
Mss 455 1833-1847 B987
Includes records of payments to women who produced palm-leaf hats.

Northbridge Cotton Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1814-1848 N872
Accounts with women who wove cloth for the company.

Dennis Northrup Collection
Mss 1 1825-1830 N877
Credits women for ashes, corn, rolls, weaving linen, spinning yarn, making shoes, and washing.

Isaac G. Pierson and Brothers Collection
Mss 501 1795-1865
Records of nineteenth-century nail and cotton factories include employee records for women workers and company store records.

Dexter Whittemore & Son Collection
Mss 77 1809-1868 W624
Records of a company that manufactured palm-leaf hats.

Francis W. Winn Collection
Mss 44 1710-1938
The ledger of a woolen textile mill and general store in Dexter, New York, records payments for piecework to women weavers.

William H. Witherle Collection
Mss 77 1806-1892 W
Records of payments to women for knitting mittens with yarn supplied by a local merchant.

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