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Hayden, Stone & Company Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 783 1893-1961
Volumes 14-17, 37-45

The business records of Charles Hayden (1870-1937), financier, philanthropist, and founder of the brokerage firms of Hayden, Stone & Co. and Haystone Securities Corporation of Boston and New York City, contain women's investment records and the commission records of several bonds saleswomen.

The collection contains investment records of a number of women, notably large investor Katherine S. Hoyt. The minutes of the Board of Directors of the Equitable Trust Co., of New York City, 1930 to 1934, record investments in real estate made for over forty trusts with female beneficiaries. They also contain descriptions of mortgages granted to twelve different women which describe various income-producing properties, including apartment buildings, a warehouse, and a print shop.

The collection also includes accounts of trusts established by Hayden's will for Anita Stewart DeBragangca Morris and Emily K. Ide.

Apparently, Hayden employed several bonds saleswomen, since the collection contains the commission histories of Miss Marion Dana (also listed as Mrs. Smoot), 1924-27, and Mrs. Margaret G. Schneider, 1931.

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