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Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 442 1831-1936 A
Series A: Administration; series C: Labor records

Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, a large textile manufacturer in Manchester, New Hampshire, was incorporated in 1831. A majority of its workers were women. The business liquidated in 1936 after having cut wages of women workers by 25 percent in 1931.

The collection contains mainly twentieth-century records with emphasis on labor and production. Series C, specifically, includes labor records, including grievances and complaints, job applications, arbitration, charity, child labor, labor by handicapped workers, strike, production, wages, demographics of employees, time books, payrolls, and accident reports.

Wage and time accounting:
Wage and productivity records (1920s and '30s): CE-1 to 5; Wage Reports (1916-1928) CG-1 to C-12

Pay cards (1923-1928): CH-1-31

Time books (1904-1934): CP-1 to CP-19

Company reports and registers; office records
Employment office papers. Job applications, reports on child labor, communism, charity cases, complaints, nationality of employees, nurses' reports, tenement survey, strikes, turn-over (mainly 1922-1935, some earlier material): CD-1

Reports on nationality of employees (1912-1929): CN-1 to CN-2

Accident and insurance reports
Sample accident reports (1907-1928): CR-1 to CR-6

Employee relations materials including labor organization
Records of the women's recreation house (1920-1924): AH 12

Records of committees made up of mill employees, including the Ladies Clerks' Club (aka Women's Textile Club), 1912-1925, which planned social events, such as banquets and picnics (1912-1932): C-1 to C-29

Petitions for greater pay and complaints about unfair firings (1934-1935): CB-1 to CB-4

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