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Pepperell Manufacturing Company Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 442 1741-1928 P424
Pepperell Manufacturing Company: Series A, Series E, Series GB
Laconia Company: Series A, Series H
Massachusetts Cotton Mills: Series A
Saco Water Power Company: Series A

This collection of over 1000 volumes contains the remarkably complete business records of the cotton textile manufacturer Pepperell Manufacturing Company of Biddeford, Maine, from 1850 to 1928, as well as those of a number of other enterprises taken over by Pepperell. These include the Laconia Company (from 1844 to 1911), the Saco Water Power Company (from 1741 to 1911), and the Massachusetts Cotton Mills (from 1839 to 1906), which also operated several textile factories in Georgia. Pepperell manufactured a wide range of cotton products.

The collection contains records of women both as workers and as investors. A particularly interesting feature of this collection is an 1893 volume of "Wages and Duties," which contains very precise descriptions of the duties and wages of factory workers in the Pepperell and Laconia Mills, often with gender identification. For instance, the job description of Fly Frame Girls in the Main Carding Room states that they

run 10 frames, or an average of 170 spindles each, 8 X 4. They set up their roving, oil top rolls and spindle, and doff, and average 77 hanks per week on 1.92 hank roving @ 8 cents per hank. Price reduced Jan. 29, 1894, to 7 1/4 cents per hank.

Wage and time accounting
Payrolls: Pepperell Series E (1852 to 1925)
Wages and duties in Pepperell and Laconia textile factories: volume EH-1 (1893)

Company Patronage
Tenement Rents: Laconia Series H (1880 to 1904)
Coal sales: Pepperell Series GB (1886 to 1924)

Family and financial records
Stockholder records: Pepperell Series A (1852 to 1907); Laconia Series A (1846 to 1899);
Massachusetts Cotton Mills Series A (1852 to1925); Saco Water Power Co. Series A (1849 to 1915).

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