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Roxbury Carpet Company Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 461 1837-1923
Series F

The Roxbury Carpet Company was a Massachusetts woolen manufacturer established in 1859. It later acquired two other woolen mills, the Saxonville Mills and the New England Worsted Company, both in Saxonville, Massachusetts. The majority of factory workers in all of the factories were women. Payroll records show that most mill departments were segregated by gender. For instance, in the New England Worsted Mill in 1841 to 1843, all the workers in the wool room, knitting room, and weaving room were women except for one man in each room, presumably the foreman. In the spinning and fulling rooms all the workers were men. Payroll books for all the mills include signed wage receipts.

Wage and time accounting
Payrolls and time books: FA 1-6 (1907-1916)
Payrolls: New England Worsted Company, FB 1-13 (1837-1860); Saxonville Mills, FB14-52 (1860 1916); New England Worsted Company, Norfolk Mill: FD1-7 (1866-1916); Roxbury Carpet Company: FC 1-2 (1856-1861)

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