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Factory Labor

Automobile Industry Photograph Collection
Mss 543 1931-1944 A939
Publicity photographs of American automobile manufacturers include images of models posed with automobiles, as well as photographs of plants, war work, and industry stunts and events.

Walter Baker Collection
Mss 435 1812-1945
Labor records and marketing materials of a New England chocolate manufacturer in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Ball and Fobes, Fobes and Hayward Collection
Mss 425 1850-1895
Labor records of a nineteenth-century New England candy manufacturer include women workers.

Henry Sturgis Dennison Collection
Mss 49 1900-1952
The papers of Henry S. Dennison (1877-1952), author and President of Dennison Manufacturing Company, include an office memoir, his office records, and correspondence regarding vocational education for women, as well as notes for speeches and books on scientific management and industrial relations.

J. A. Frye Shoe Company Collection
Mss 641 1867-1903
Ledgers of a Massachusetts shoe manufacturer record payments to women shoe workers.

Industrial Life Photograph Collection
Mss 1412 1920-1941 B979
Includes images of women and men working in twentieth-century factories.

Caleb Lincoln Collection
Mss 100 1791-1803 L737
Mentions two young girls working in a paper mill.

Isaac G. Pierson and Brothers Collection
Mss 501 1795-1865
Records of nineteenth-century nail and cotton factories include employee records for women workers and company store records.

Plymouth Cordage Company Collection
Mss 463 1824-1966 P738
The records of a rope manufacturer include employment records for women workers and information on company welfare systems and medical care.

Roxbury Carpet Company Collection
Mss 461 1837-1923
Labor records of nineteenth-century Massachusetts carpet and textile factory that employed mostly women workers.

Scovill Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 590 1790-1956 S432
Records of a Connecticut manufacturer of brass objects include information about women factory workers, as well as records on organized labor and employee club activities involving women.

Waltham Watch Company Collection
Mss 598 1854-1929
Records of a watch manufacturer in Waltham, Massachusetts, include information on women workers.

Western Electric Hawthorne Studies Collection
Mss 583 1924-1934
Records of a Chicago study in industrial and employee relations (from 1924 to 1934) include productivity measurements, reports, research papers, transcripts of conversations, and extensive interviews with women workers in an electrical plant.

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