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Benjamin Newton Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 766 1843-1864 N561
Box 5, folder 13

The Captain Benjamin Newton collection contains a letter written by Lavinia L. Parsuly (New York, Dec. 3, 1844). She wrote news of her friends and about the death of her brother-in-law.

Benjamin Newton's niece, Elizabeth Newton, in Newport, Rhode Island, wrote four letters between 1844 and 1850. The letters discuss the occupations of her daily life, the books she read, interaction with young men, the visits of Tom Thumb and Jenny Lind to Newport, her sisters' and brother's schooling, and the health of family members. On December 6, 1844, she wrote:

It might interest you perhaps to hear how I spend these long winter evenings. Well, in a variety of ways, sometimes sewing at other times reading and occasionally the monotony, not the dull monotony, is relieved by some young gentleman's company. I have become acquainted recently with a Mr. Dudley, and am very much pleased with the acquaintance so far, but whether he is pleased with me or not can't say, but must confess should like to know exceedingly. I suppose you will infer from this that I am smashed to use the expression, but it is not the case, I assure you, so don't be frightened. This gentleman possesses much good taste in matters and things and of course I should feel flattered by any mark of preference shown toward me. Has he shown any yet you'll ask. He waited on me home from Church one Sunday afternoon, but further than this shall not enlighten you. I took that ride on horseback with Robert Stevens a short time after you left. He called one noon for me to go and I wouldn't see him. Sent him word that I was engaged that afternoon and could not go. The secret of it was I had some slight reason for refusing him. In about an hour afterwards who should come but Robert. I was upstairs at the time but somehow or another he got round Grandma in such a nice way that I consented to go at length.

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