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Nathaniel Chamberlin Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 871 1743-1775 C443
Volume 1

Most of Nathaniel Chamberlin's account book lists blacksmith work he did for various residents of Pembroke, Massachusetts, between 1743 and 1775. However, it also lists work done by his family. His first and second wives, Sarah and Deliverance, sewed jackets, spun yarn, wove cloth, warped handkerchiefs, quilted, and did other tasks related to textile and clothing production for their neighbors. His daughters, Sarah, Ruth, Mary, and Lydia began to appear in the account book in the 1760s, doing tasks such as spinning and washing.

In 1804, Nathaniel Chamberlin recorded paying Mrs. Otes for "doctring" his daughter's hands. Mrs. Otes was the wife of Dr. Isaac Otes, who is mentioned in the account book numerous times between 1767 and 1774 for "doctring" members of Nathaniel's family. That Nathaniel credits Mrs. Otes suggests that she either took over her husband's practice or that she also provided medical services.

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