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Tudor Company Collection, II
Catalog Record
Mss 766 1753-1868 T912
Volumes 34, 37, and 39

The Tudor Collection comprises the family and business papers of Frederic Tudor, a Boston, Massachuetts, shipping merchant. His correspondence files include many letters to and from female family members, including his mother, sisters, and wife, as well as family friends.

A collection of letters from Anne Humphreys written in 1805 and 1806 in Boston to William Tudor while he was in the West Indies give very colorful and detailed descriptions of social life in Boston, including teas, balls, theater, clothing, marriages, engagements, deaths, and illnesses. She also tells a story of a dinner with Native Americans, at which she was the only woman present.

In 1834, Frederic Tudor (by then fifty years old) courted and married Euphenia Fenno, a girl of nineteen. Letters to Euphenia describe his feelings for her and about their marriage. He also discussed his financial situation at great length.

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