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Griswold Family Papers Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 821 1782-1820 G
Folders A-8-1 - 3 and A-9-1 - 7; volumes 26-28

The Griswold Family Collection includes early to mid-nineteenth-century letters between men and women of two generations of the Griswold Family who lived in New England and in the Michigan and Illinois Territories. Reverend Stanley Griswold, a minister in Connecticut during the early nineteenth century, moved west with his family to serve as acting Governor of the Michigan Territory. Eventually he moved to Shawneetown in the Illinois Territory, where he served as a judge. His son Henry was an officer in the United States Army.

The collection includes letters to and from Elizabeth (Flagg) Griswold, Stanley Griswold's wife. Letters he wrote to her while she was with her family in Connecticut describe his work and the inhabitants of the area, including women. One letter is from Elizabeth asking him to return to Connecticut. She also complains about the cold winter and the high price of food and wood. Letters received by Elizabeth Griswold from her brother, brother-in-law, and sister, Martha Flagg, Jr., relate to the death of Stanley Griswold and Elizabeth's resulting financial situation. Letters to and from Elizabeth's son Henry W. Griswold and his family concern family news, her health, and their family property in the West. Later letters written to Henry by other family members tell of his mother's illness and death from breast cancer.

The collection also contains letters to and from Henry Griswold and his wife, Ann Heard Griswold, including correspondence between them, letters from Martha Flagg, and letters from Ann's mother, Susan Heard. The latter relate mainly family news, but also describe information related to housekeeping: problems with domestic servants, buying a piano, sewing projects, and cooking.

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