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Felix M. Warburg Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 783 1912-1936
Box 1-2

The office files of Felix Moritz Warburg (1887-1937), a German born investment banker and philanthropist who came to the United States in 1894, contain material on secretarial work, payroll records of Warburg's domestic staff in 1919 and 1932, and personal correspondence with various women.

A considerable part of this collection is the work of Warburg's secretary, Miss Alice R. Emmanuel, who also served as secretary of the Executive Board of The American Friends of Hebrew University, Inc. Miss Emmanuel's work evidently gave her a substantial degree of authority and independence since she wrote and sent many letters under her own name. This was also true of two other secretaries represented in the collection, Julietta B. Kahn, Corresponding Secretary of The American Friends of Hebrew University, Inc. in 1932, and Frances A. Kellor, Secretary to the Executive Committee of the Inter-Racial Council in 1919.

The collection includes payrolls for Warburg's domestic staff at his residences in White Plains, New York, and 1109 Fifth Avenue, New York City, for 1919 and 1932. There is also correspondence between Warburg and a number of his female relatives concerning their investments and charitable contributions, as well as a letter from a woman who appears to be a social worker, screening friends of Warburg's as prospective adoptive parents.

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