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Brighton Beach Music Hall Collection
Mss 694 1908-1914
Programs and contracts of a vaudeville theatre in Brooklyn, New York, from 1908 to 1914 document women singers, dancers, and other vaudeville and music hall performers.

Jeremiah Davis Collection
Mss 1 1787-1822 D261
Contains stories and drawings made by a young girl at the end of the nineteenth century.

Equitable Life Assurance Society Collection
Mss 797 1870-1919 E641
Includes letters from the wife, sister, and stepmother of Henry H. Hyde.

Eli Goldston Collection
Mss 351 1961-1974
The papers of a Boston, Massachusetts, executive include materials on family social policy; women artists, writers, editors, and office workers; and Elaine Goldston's activities in her husband's career.

Henry Lee Higginson Collection
Mss 783 1870-1919 H637
Includes letters from various women regarding their investments, as well as correspondence from various female musicians and reformers written during the early twentieth century.

Thomas W. Lamont Collection
Mss 783 1894-1948
The papers (from 1894 to 1948) of a renowned New York investment banker, philanthropist, and literary figure include correspondence with many women, mostly originating from his reputation as a financial advisor, his social and cultural activities, and from personal and family contacts.

Raff and Gammon Collection
Mss 692 1894-1897 R136
Includes letters from Annette Reynolds, who was buying and selling Vitascope films in upstate New York.

Ward and Gow Collection
Mss 767 1895-1919
Includes payrolls for office staff, theater staff, and music hall performers.

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