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Devonshire Farm Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 1 1896-1919
Volumes 4-7

The Devonshire Farm Collection contains day books and ledgers of a Sutton, Massachusetts, dairy farm owned by Harry S. Stockwell at the turn of the twentieth century. Records of household expenses from 1896 to 1913 present a detailed account of the domestic economy of a prosperous farming family. The ledgers also record cash payments over these years made to Miss M. L. Stockwell, as well as small loans she made to the farm.

Peddlers hired by the farm to sell farm products in nearby towns purchased eggs, berries, and other produce for resale from farm wives along their routes. Their accounts, farm accounts, and the accounts of several individual women document women's "egg money," which was often a valuable cash supplement to subsistence farming. The egg account of Mrs. T. E. Gifford is especially complete since it includes her expenses as well as her sales, recording the purchase of grit, oyster shells, and grain for her hens.

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