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David J. Beach Collection
Mss 871 1775-1848 (1906)
Includes the account book of a teacher who worked in New Jersey between 1801 and 1805, as well as the 1890s household expenses of Mary A. Beach and the 1897 personal expenses of Ellen O. Walkley.

Mrs. Elizabeth Bollingham Collection
Mss 83 1697-1795 (Oversized Vertical File)
An indenture documenting the lease of land in Boston in 1697.

Samuel Bunker Collection
Mss 871 1802-1828 B942
An account book that includes credits to a woman for cheese, honey, vinegar, hops, a pig, calfskin, and tea.

Charles C. Chandler Collection
Mss 77 1785-1811 C455
Account book kept by a storeowner and farmer was used later by his widow.

Albert W. Crafts Collection
Mss 77 1824-1879 C885
Collection of a manufacturer who produced palm-leaf hats.

Devonshire Farm Collection
Mss 1 1896-1919
The records of a Sutton, Massachusetts, dairy farm present a detailed account of the domestic economy of a prosperous farming family, as well as the peddlers' accounts with other farm women in the area.

Dike Family Collection
Mss 1 1804-1881 D536
Includes accounts for Mrs. Polly Dike, who ran a farm that had livestock, apple trees, grain, and a cider mill.

Eaton-Chase Family Collection
Mss 1 1771-1904 E14
The account book of James Davis credits Mary P. Chase with renting land and selling grass, apples, hay, and wood.

Hancock Collection
Mss 761 1728-1854 H234
Includes letters, receipts, and accounts documenting transactions with various female merchants in eighteenth-century Boston, Massachusetts, as well as mid-eighteenth century letters written by Mary Hancock Perkins to her son while he was a student at Harvard.

William Kilby Collection
Mss 871 1795-1812 K48
Includes payments to women for domestic service and for butter and cheese production.

William Lamb Collection
Mss:9353 1836-1841 L218
Diaries of an inmate at the House of Industry in South Boston, Massachusetts, 1836-1841.

Dennis Northrup Collection
Mss 1 1825-1830 N877
Credits women for ashes, corn, rolls, weaving linen, spinning yarn, making shoes, and washing.

Theophilus Parsons Collection
Mss 8995 1862-1882 P271
Collection includes receipts for women who sold dairy products.

Israel E. Trask Collection
Mss 899 1807-1861 T775
Includes lists of slaves living on the Trask plantation, as well as accounts, bills, and receipts belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Trask.

Ellis B. Usher Collection
Mss 201 1800-1868 U85
Contains the accounts and papers of Hannah Usher, who ran her husband's store and sawmill after his death in 1855.

Vertical file: retail selling
Mss 1404
The grocery accounts of Lucretia Gowdey and a letter written by Harriet Hall.

Nathan Webb Collection
Mss 833 1859-1902 W367
The records of a Maine lawyer and judge include private correspondence, estate correspondence, legal papers, and financial records concerning a number of women.

Wendell Family Collection
Mss 733 1722-1865
Includes women's personal correspondence, essays and school papers, and John Dorr's diary and eulogy for his wife, Esther Goldthwait Dorr. The collection also contains letters written to Anne Rindge between 1742 and 1748 regarding her shipping interests, and the papers of Dorothy Wendell, who ran a cattle farm in the early part of the nineteenth century.

Stephen Williams Collection
Mss 1 1804-1828 W719
Williams credits his mother for spinning, weaving, lambs' wool, picking cotton, and lining and binding shoes.

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