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This page lists relevant manuscript collections organized by subject, occupation, and industry. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to women's history but to provide an overview of the nature and extent of the women's history resources in Baker Library's Business Manuscripts Collection.

Each index term presents a list of manuscript collections that leads to a description of the women's history materials in that collection. It may be useful to consult the User's Guide for information about site organization and navigation strategies.

Agriculture (19) Factory Labor: Textile (31)
Art (8) Financial Management (20)
Authorship and Publishing (10) Household Accounts (22)
Charity (17) Law and Gender Issues (19)
Daily Life (28) Merchants (13)
Domestic Labor and Personal Service (27)   Outwork (15)
Domestic Production (19) Ownership and Investment (23)
Domestic Production: Needle Trades (14) Professionals and Executives (18)
Education (12) Religion and Missionary Work (5)
Education: Financial Records (13) Retail Industry (15)
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (18) Retail Industry: General Stores (18)
Estate Records (20) Secretarial and Office Work (14)
Executrix (11) Social and Political Activism (22)
Factory Labor (13) Travel (16)

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