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1900-1999: Massachusetts (Not Boston)

Allen-Lane Company Collection
Mss 761 1853-1941
Includes payrolls of nineteenth- and twentieth-century New England textile mills, as well as stockholder records, family records, and information on knitting outwork.

Earl H. Barber Collection
Mss 75 1910-1969
The business records of Earl Huntington Barber (1883-1974) contain detailed information on work performed by Barber's assistant, Mary Hagerty, as well as women's appeals to the Boston Department of Public Utilities.

Ella Lyman Cabot Collection
Mss 8993 1919-1936 C116
The early twentieth-century financial records of educator Ella Lyman Cabot.

Henry Sturgis Dennison Collection
Mss 49 1900-1952
The papers of Henry S. Dennison (1877-1952), author and President of Dennison Manufacturing Company, include an office memoir, his office records, and correspondence regarding vocational education for women, as well as notes for speeches and books on scientific management and industrial relations.

Devonshire Farm Collection
Mss 1 1896-1919
The records of a Sutton, Massachusetts, dairy farm present a detailed account of the domestic economy of a prosperous farming family, as well as the peddlers' accounts with other farm women in the area.

Dover Green Water Company Collection
Mss 702 (1936) 1949-1956
The papers of a small, private water company in Dover, Massachusetts, record the work of the administrative staff of the mid-twentieth-century Boston law firm that transacted its business.

Dwight Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1832-1927 D991
Labor records of a Chicopee, Massachusetts, textile mill include employee records for women workers.

Emery Family Collection
Mss 899 1841-1846, 1902-1923 E53
Lists investments, income, charitable expenses, and personal expenses for various female members of the Emery family of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Gardner Family Collection
Mss 899 1780-1934 G226
The records of the Gardner family of Boston and Salem, Massachusetts, dating from the late eighteenth to the twentieth century, contain legal papers relating to issues of dower and inheritance, trust accounts, and guardianship accounts. The collection also includes a woman's diary written on a trip to Europe in 1849 and silhouettes of women of the family.

Ipswich Mills Collection
Mss 440 1868-1929
Includes employee relations materials concerning women factory workers and company nurses in an early twentieth-century New England textile factory.

Louis E. Kirstein Collection
Mss 776 1909-1942
The office files of Louis Kirstein, Vice-president of Filene's of Boston (1911-1942), contain material throughout on the professional role of his secretary; correspondence with women working for charities; material on women working at Filene's; and personal correspondence with his sister, wife, and daughters.

Lancaster Mills Collection
Mss 442 1844-1931
Records of a nineteenth- and twentieth-century Massachusetts textile manufacturer contain records for women workers and investors

Lawrence Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1831-1926 L419
Labor records of a textile mill in Lowell, Massachusetts, include employee records for women workers.

Lyman Mills Collection
Mss 442 1854-1927 L986
Records of a textile mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts, from 1854 to 1927 include payrolls, rent records, and accident notices, as well as material on the importation of women workers.

Manufacturers' Research Association Collection
Mss 883 1922-1932
The records of a Boston, Massachusetts, association for the exchange of information, organized by Massachusetts firms in different industries, contain materials on office procedures, as well as employment conditions of clerical workers.

Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company Collection
Mss 442 1845-1947
The records of a Massachusetts cotton manufacturer include signed contracts with women workers from 1878 to 1911.

Parkhill Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1879-1928
Labor records of a late nineteenth-, early twentieth-century Massachusetts textile manufacturer employing women factory workers.

Alfred Patterson Collection
Mss 768 1895-1929
The appointment books, ledgers, and cash books of a real estate broker and insurance agent in Arlington, Massachusetts, record real estate purchases, rent payments, tax and utility payments, and payments for insurance policies by numerous women from 1895 to 1920.

E. W. Peirce Collection
Mss 414 1877-1911 P616
Diary used by a schoolgirl in the early twentieth century.

Pepperell Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1741-1928 P424
Records of a Maine cotton manufacturer include employment records for women workers and information about women investors.

Plymouth Cordage Company Collection
Mss 463 1824-1966 P738
The records of a rope manufacturer include employment records for women workers and information on company welfare systems and medical care.

Pontoosuc Woolen Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss:446 1855-1904
Labor records of nineteenth-century Massachusetts textile manufacturer employing women factory workers.

Roxbury Carpet Company Collection
Mss 461 1837-1923
Labor records of nineteenth-century Massachusetts carpet and textile factory that employed mostly women workers.

Spencer Wire Company Collection
Mss 596 1876-1929 S745
Clerks' records, documenting the meetings of stockholders and the election of officers, including a woman director and president.

Thorndike Company Collection
Mss 442 1836-1918
Labor records and stock ledger of two Massachusetts textile manufacturers with women employees and women investors.

Waltham Watch Company Collection
Mss 598 1854-1929
Records of a watch manufacturer in Waltham, Massachusetts, include information on women workers.

J.J. White Paper Company Collection
Mss 495 c.1929-1945
Records of a paper company co-owned by Mary Cardarelli and sold in 1963 to Phoenix Building Products, co-owned by Mary A. Reynolds.

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