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Lyman Mills Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 442 1854-1927 L986
Series A: Stockholder Records; series L: Labor Records; carton 29

The Lyman Mills Collection contains the records of a textile mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts, from 1854 to 1927. The majority of its workers were women and girls. At the turn of the century, Lyman Mills stretched for an eighth of a mile and employed 1200 people, many of them Irish and French Canadian immigrants. The mill was noted for its good labor relations, giving employees small raises to avoid the strikes occurring in Lawrence, Fall River, and other textile manufacturing centers in Massachusetts. Lyman Mills was liquidated in 1927 while still profitable by investors anxious to realize a profit on the company's substantial assets.

The collection contains an unusually complete set of employment records including over 200 volumes of complete payroll records from 1850 to 1928, registers of employees from 1849 to 1899, time books of the various mill departments from 1852 to 1898, rent rolls and tenement records from 1850 to 1927, and accident notices from 1889 to 1927. The collection also includes a series of documents concerning the importation of women to work in the mills from 1853 to 1859. There are letters, indentures, receipts for passage paid, and advertisements of packet lines, as well as lists of immigrants.

Wage and time accounting
Time books (1850-1899): LC-8 to LC-53
Payrolls mill no. 1 (1850-1910): LX-1 to LX-70; payrolls mills nos. 2, 3, and 4 (1855-1910): LY-2 to LY-66; pay rolls mills nos. 1-4 (1911-1927): LAB-1A1 to LAB 17C-2

Company reports and registers; office records
Registers, alphabetical with address and dates (1849-1899): LB-1, LB-4 to LB-8
Reports on employment of minors (1923-1927): carton 29

Company Patronage
Debts owed to Lyman Mills by employees for passage paid, all women (1853-1854): LH-1
Rent Rolls, names, no addresses (1850-1927): LK-1 to LK-9
Miscellaneous employment records including labor importation with lists of immigrants (1853-1959), assignment of wages (1863-1864), and wage rates (1892-1899): box LW-1

Accident and insurance reports
Accident notices (1889-1927): LAC-1 to LAC-22; accident reports (1905-1912, 1924-1927): LAD-1 and box LAD-2

Family and financial records
Stockholders lists (1859-1866): box AB-2; Stock records (1854-1897): AK-1 to AK-6; Stock records Hadley Falls Company (1850-1, 1854-1860): AL-1 and AL-2

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