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1850-1899: U.S. and Abroad (Not New England)

David J. Beach Collection
Mss 871 1775-1848 (1906)
Includes the account book of a teacher who worked in New Jersey between 1801 and 1805, as well as the 1890s household expenses of Mary A. Beach and the 1897 personal expenses of Ellen O. Walkley.

Business Card Collection
Business cards from the second half of the nineteenth century include advertisements for businesses owned by women.

R.G. Dun & Company Collection
Mss 791 1840-1895
Consists of 2,580 volumes of handwritten credit reports on individuals and firms from the United States, the western territories, Canada, and the West Indies.

Equitable Life Assurance Society Collection
Mss 797 1870-1919 E641
Includes letters from the wife, sister, and stepmother of Henry H. Hyde.

Harris C. Fahnestock Collection
Mss 781 1852-1914 F223
Includes a letter to Emily Ward regarding her attempts to open a school in New York City, New York, in 1890.

William H. Gardiner Collection
Mss 8995 1825, 1840, 1859-1871 G224
Includes a small diary with notes related to an 1840 divorce case.

Theodore A. Havemeyer Estate Collection
Mss 899 1879-1904 H387
The estate papers of a New York businessman contain correspondence and financial records concerning the division of his estate among his wife, Emilie deLoosey Havemeyer, and their five daughters and four sons.

Hayden, Stone & Company Collection
Mss 783 1893-1961
The business records of a New York and Boston financier and broker contain women's investment and trust records, as well as the commission records of several bonds saleswomen.

Heard Family Collection, I
Mss 766 1754-1898 H
This large family collection includes many letters from female members of the Heard Family. Materials discuss travel, financial matters, and family news, as well as the divorce of Mary (Livingston) Heard.

Hobbs' Lands Collection
Mss 768 1824-1914 H684
Documents a widow's management of her late husband's property.

Hunnewell Collection
Mss 733 1823-1869 H
Correspondence of merchant James Hunnewell includes letters from Susan Hunnewell in Charlestown, Massachusetts, from the secretary of the Dorchester Sailor's Friends Society, and from missionaries and their families who were living in Hawaii between 1820 and 1850.

R. H. Macy and Company Collection
Mss 776 1858-1919 M177
Includes interviews that describe the work of female executives during the early years of Macy's department store.

S. Griffitts Morgan Collection
Mss 761 1843-1863 M849
Includes letters from the mother and sisters of S. Griffits Morgan. Describes their financial situations, family squabbles, and work during the civil war.

J. Howard Nichols Collection
Mss 766 1856-1905 N619
The Nichols collection includes letters from his mother, daughters, and sisters, one of whom worked as a missionary in Turkey in the mid-nineteenth century.

B.S. Pray and Company Collection
Mss 766 1868-1926
The correspondence of a Boston, Massachusetts, import-export firm contains letters to the wives of business relations and employees.

Raff and Gammon Collection
Mss 692 1894-1897 R136
Includes letters from Annette Reynolds, who was buying and selling Vitascope films in upstate New York.

Ship Reindeer Collection
Mss 252 1852-1860 R364
Diary of Adra Ashley, written while she was traveling on a whaling ship between Hawaii and New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Ship William Wirt Collection
Mss 252 1853-1857 R364
Diary of Adra Ashley, written while on her voyage to Hawaii from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Trade Card Collection
Collection of nineteenth-century trade cards provides insight into American gender imagery and family consumption patterns, and includes several cards advertising businesses owned by women.

Trade Catalog Collection
Collection of nineteenth-century trade catalogs provides insight into the development of domestic technology and the emergence of consumer products, and includes catalogs for businesses owned by women.

Israel E. Trask Collection
Mss 899 1807-1861 T775
Includes lists of slaves living on the Trask plantation, as well as accounts, bills, and receipts belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Trask.

Trotter Collection
Mss 761 1798-1955
The Trotter Papers contain materials (1816-1819) related to the children of William and Molly Trotter, as well as letters from a New Jersey storeowner.

Gustavus Tuckerman, Jr. Collection
Mss:766 1847-1898 T896
Family letters received by a Boston merchant based in Italy, India, and China during the 1840s and 1850s.

Francis W. Winn Collection
Mss 44 1710-1938
The ledger of a woolen textile mill and general store in Dexter, New York, records payments for piecework to women weavers.

Woodbridge and Backus Families Collection
Mss 770 1754-1890 B126
The Woodbridge and Backus Families Collection includes letters to and from a number of women in both families, from the late eighteenth to the late nineteenth century.

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