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1800-1849: New England (Not MA)

Mrs. Adams Collection
Mss 698 1835 A211
Notebook detailing the travel expenses of Mrs. Adams and her children while on a trip to Ohio in 1834.

Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1831-1936
Labor records of a Manchester, New Hampshire, textile mill include wage records and employee relations materials.

Anthony Family Collection
Mss 899 1815-1859 A628
Accounts of a general store in Providence, Rhode Island, from 1815 to 1859, in which women are credited for domestic labor and production. The collection also includes the financial papers of Sarah P. Anthony, who was the executrix of her husband's estate, as well as the accounts of her own estate in 1845.

Baker, B.N. & A. Collection
Mss 773 1837-1857 B168
Records, from 1837 to 1841, of payments to women for producing clothing with materials supplied by a local merchant in Bakersville, Connecticut.

Thomas Bennett Collection
Mss:11 1792-1831 B472
Account book of a Connecticut farmer and toll bridge owner, 1792-1831. Bennett had accounts with several women who wove cloth for him.

Nathaniel Bradley and Company Collection
Mss 77 1827-1886 B811
Records of a company that manufactured palm-leaf hats.

Dexter Brewer Collection
Mss 873 1823-1848 B847
Includes payments to women who worked for a Maine tavern keeper.

Samuel Bunker Collection
Mss 871 1802-1828 B942
An account book that includes credits to a woman for cheese, honey, vinegar, hops, a pig, calfskin, and tea.

Charles C. Chandler Collection
Mss 77 1785-1811 C455
Account book kept by a storeowner and farmer was used later by his widow.

E. B. Chase Collection
Mss 77 1833-1860 C487
Includes credits to various women for making shirts, renting land, and for domestic labor, as well as accounts for Lyndon Academy, a school run by Henry and Ada Chase between 1861 and 1862.

De Wolf Family Collection
Mss 766 1795-1904 D523
Contains the accounts of a trust set up by James De Wolf in 1832 for his daughter, Josephine De Wolf Lovett.

Dike Family Collection
Mss 1 1804-1881 D536
Includes accounts for Mrs. Polly Dike, who ran a farm that had livestock, apple trees, grain, and a cider mill.

Dover-Cocheco Collection
Mss 442 1821-1879
The records of a New Hampshire cotton manufacturer (from 1827 to 1845) containing payrolls for women textile workers, as well as records of women stockholders.

R.G. Dun & Company Collection
Mss 791 1840-1895
Consists of 2,580 volumes of handwritten credit reports on individuals and firms from the United States, the western territories, Canada, and the West Indies.

N. B. Gordon Collection
Mss 442 1813-1846
Work records (from 1827 to 1847) of an agent for textile companies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts include women workers.

Griswold Family Papers Collection
Mss 821 1782-1820 G
Includes early to mid-nineteenth-century correspondence to and from members of two generations of the Griswold family who lived in New England and in the Michigan and Illinois Territories.

Heard Family Collection, I
Mss 766 1754-1898 H
This large family collection includes many letters from female members of the Heard Family. Materials discuss travel, financial matters, and family news, as well as the divorce of Mary (Livingston) Heard.

Ebenezer and Samuel Joy Collection
Mss 100 1806-1827 J88
Records payments to women who worked in the Joy household.

William Kilby Collection
Mss 871 1795-1812 K48
Includes payments to women for domestic service and for butter and cheese production.

Robert G. Layer Collection
Mss 442 1951 L513
Work sheets for a 1952 Harvard Ph.D. thesis, containing detailed information from women's payrolls of New England textile mills, from 1825 to 1860, including the Boston, Dwight, Hamilton, Lawrence, and Nashua Manufacturing Companies.

Nashua Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1824-1932
Records of nineteenth- and twentieth-century cotton textile mills in New England include employee records for women workers and information about women stockholders.

Benjamin Newton Collection
Mss 766 1843-1864 N561
Includes letters written by Elizabeth Newton, describing her life in nineteenth-century Newport, Rhode Island.

Peace Dale Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 446 1742-1919
Records of a nineteenth-century Rhode Island textile manufacturer include information on women workers, an eighteenth-century South Carolina plantation day book, and bank and estate records for Mary P. Hazard.

Northfield, Vermont, Public Institutions Collection
Mss 930 1825-1855 N873
Town records of Northfield, Vermont, including the accounts of the Overseer of the Poor.

Slater Companies Collection
Mss 442 1793-1926 S631
Records of a series of nineteenth-century New England textile mills contain information about women workers, patronage records, as well as some information on Slater family estates.

Thomas S. Taylor Collection
Mss 77 1807-1863 T238
Includes accounts for Mary Barber, who ran a tavern in Kingston, Rhode Island, in the 1820s.

Vertical files: legislative bodies
Mss 1404
Declaration of a Revolutionary War widow seeking a pension.

Vertical file: religious
Mss 1404
Three letters written by women discussing their religious communities. One of the writers was a missionary on her way to her post in the Pacific.

Wendell Family Collection
Mss 733 1722-1865
Includes women's personal correspondence, essays and school papers, and John Dorr's diary and eulogy for his wife, Esther Goldthwait Dorr. The collection also contains letters written to Anne Rindge between 1742 and 1748 regarding her shipping interests, and the papers of Dorothy Wendell, who ran a cattle farm in the early part of the nineteenth century.

Dexter Whittemore & Son Collection
Mss 77 1809-1868 W624
Records of a company that manufactured palm-leaf hats.

Windham Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1822-1905
Labor records of nineteenth-century Connecticut textile manufacturer include employment records for women workers.

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