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1800-1849: Massachusetts (Not Boston)

Boston Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1813-1930
Payrolls of a nineteenth-century Waltham, Massachusetts, textile manufacturer include employee records for women workers.

Chace, Luther and Company Collection
Mss 442 1827-1862
The "Laborers's Ledger" (from 1834 to 1839) of a cotton textile mill in Grafton, Massachusetts, lists wage payments to women weavers, as well as credits to boarding house keepers, some of whom were women, for the renters' wages.

Chapin Family Collection
Mss 1 1782-1866 C463
Documents payments for textiles, butter, and clothing production.

Aaron Claflin Collection
Mss 641 1839-1845 C583
Aaron Claflin manufactured shoes, boots, and palm-leaf hats.

Albert W. Crafts Collection
Mss 77 1824-1879 C885
Collection of a manufacturer who produced palm-leaf hats.

Daniel Douglas Collection
Mss 77 1795-1813 D733
Includes payments to women for washing and cleaning, as well as for teaching the art of making clothing.

R.G. Dun & Company Collection
Mss 791 1840-1895
Consists of 2,580 volumes of handwritten credit reports on individuals and firms from the United States, the western territories, Canada, and the West Indies.

Duren Family Collection
Mss 641 1814-1896 D955
The Duren family papers include an account book that records payments for domestic help between 1841 and 1856, as well as deeds for lands owned by women in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Dwight Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1832-1927 D991
Labor records of a Chicopee, Massachusetts, textile mill include employee records for women workers.

Forbes Family Collection
Mss 766 1803-1920 F693
Contains letters to and from various female members of the Forbes family, including letters written from Boston before and during the American Revolution, and nineteenth-century letters written in Rio de Janeiro and Canton, China. The collection also includes the 1838 marriage contract between Sarah Perkins and Henry R. Cleveland.

Gardner Family Collection
Mss 899 1780-1934 G226
The records of the Gardner family of Boston and Salem, Massachusetts, dating from the late eighteenth to the twentieth century, contain legal papers relating to issues of dower and inheritance, trust accounts, and guardianship accounts. The collection also includes a woman's diary written on a trip to Europe in 1849 and silhouettes of women of the family.

N. B. Gordon Collection
Mss 442 1813-1846
Work records (from 1827 to 1847) of an agent for textile companies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts include women workers.

Hall Family Collection
Mss 899 1765-1840 H175
Deeds, receipts, accounts, and legal papers of the Hall family of Medford, Massachusetts, from 1765 to 1840.

Hamilton Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1825-1917
Labor records of a Lowell, Massachusetts, textile mill include employee records for women workers.

Hamilton Woolen Company Collection
Mss 446 1822-1936
The papers of a Massachusetts woolen manufacturer include women in payroll records, stockholder records, and strike memoranda.

Lawrence Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1831-1926 L419
Labor records of a textile mill in Lowell, Massachusetts, include employee records for women workers.

Robert G. Layer Collection
Mss 442 1951 L513
Work sheets for a 1952 Harvard Ph.D. thesis, containing detailed information from women's payrolls of New England textile mills, from 1825 to 1860, including the Boston, Dwight, Hamilton, Lawrence, and Nashua Manufacturing Companies.

Lyman Mills Collection
Mss 442 1854-1927 L986
Records of a textile mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts, from 1854 to 1927 include payrolls, rent records, and accident notices, as well as material on the importation of women workers.

Mixter-Knight Collection
Mss 455 1833-1847 B987
Includes records of payments to women who produced palm-leaf hats.

Northbridge Cotton Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1814-1848 N872
Accounts with women who wove cloth for the company.

Dennis Northrup Collection
Mss 1 1825-1830 N877
Credits women for ashes, corn, rolls, weaving linen, spinning yarn, making shoes, and washing.

Paxton, Massachusetts, Town Records Collection
Mss 926 1827-1852 P342
Town accounts of Paxton, Massachusetts, include payments to support the town's poor, as well as payments to teachers.

Charles Phelps Collection
Mss 1 1805-1858 P538
Records payments for domestic labor.

Plymouth Cordage Company Collection
Mss 463 1824-1966 P738
The records of a rope manufacturer include employment records for women workers and information on company welfare systems and medical care.

Plympton Cotton Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1817-1840
Women's accounts with a company store in Plympton, Massachusetts, from 1830 to 1840.

Slater Companies Collection
Mss 442 1793-1926 S631
Records of a series of nineteenth-century New England textile mills contain information about women workers, patronage records, as well as some information on Slater family estates.

Israel E. Trask Collection
Mss 899 1807-1861 T775
Includes lists of slaves living on the Trask plantation, as well as accounts, bills, and receipts belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Trask.

Stephen Williams Collection
Mss 1 1804-1828 W719
Williams credits his mother for spinning, weaving, lambs' wool, picking cotton, and lining and binding shoes.

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