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Manufacturers' Research Association Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 883 1922-1932
Cartons 1-2

Records, spanning 1922 to 1933, of a mutual aid organization of a dozen or so Massachusetts firms in different industries, based in Boston. The records contain information regarding research into business practices which involves women workers, including inquiries into office efficiency, design of a time study, and advertising practices.

Notes of the meetings of the office managers of various firms, February 1930 to April 1932, are informative on issues of office practice. They record discussions of the introduction of "measured production" in clerical work, office mechanization, and other attempts at rationalization to increase office efficiency. In most cases, the notes are scrupulously gender neutral, but many, if not most, of the clerks and other office staff were women. "All stenographers in the office departments report to my supervisor of the central stenographic department," reported S. W. Lovejoy of the Hood Rubber Company on January 20, 1931, "the only exception to this being the General Manager's secretary who is really more than a stenographer. None of the other executives have secretaries in the strict sense of the word and the control of the girls in their offices rests with my department."

The collection also includes information on employment conditions, office piece rate systems, and time clocks for clerical workers.

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