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Dwight Manufacturing Company Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 442 1832-1927 D991
AD-1: Payrolls; BE-1 -- BE-6: Payrolls;
Series H: Employee records; MP-5: twentieth-century labor materials

The collection encompasses the records of a cotton manufacturing firm established in 1841 in Chicopee, Massachusetts, which employed women in a large majority. In 1866, for example, the company declared that of its 1475 hands, 1030 were female. The collection includes the records of several mergers with Perkins and Cabot Manufacturing companies. The mills were shut down in 1927. Some of the extensive payroll, wage average, and other employment records are separate for men and women.

Wage and time accounting:
Payrolls: (1849-1854) AD-1; (1854-1856) BE-1 to BE-6; (1848 - 1885) HS-1 to HS-50; (1885 " 1915) HT-1 to HT-121; (1915 "1928) HU-1 to HU-7; suspended payrolls (1900-1930): HV-1 to HV-12

Day and average wages: (1874-1899) HD-1 to HD-2; (1905-1930) HE-1 to HE-2; no names (1909-1913) HF-1; total numbers of female and male workers (1892-1904) HG-1; Alabama mill monthly labor lists, with total numbers of female and male workers (1904-1907) HH-1; wages by task (1878-1930) HK-1

Payroll footings (1905-1930): HW 1-5

Time book (1930): HB-1

Company reports and registers; office records
Registers with names, age, hometown, start date and end date (1880-1886): HY-1 to HY-2

Company Patronage
Tenement records (1856-1921): HM-1 to HM-4

Rent rolls (1873-1927): HO-1 to HO-9

Rent rolls and payroll advances (1899-1915): HQ-1

Accounts for board and passage fare (1860-1893, 1913-1930): HC-1 to HC-4; Receipts for board (1856 "1928): HA-1 to HA-4

Accident and insurance reports
Accident reports give occupation, wage, number of years employed, and marital status (1897-1901): HL-1 to HL-9

Employee relations materials including labor organization
Wages, Union letters, tenements, ages of employees, safety committee, accident reports (mainly twentieth-century materials): MP-5

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