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Thomas W. Lamont Collection
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Mss 783 1894-1948

Thomas Lamont (1870-1948), a partner at J.P. Morgan & Company, was a renowned investment banker and leader in international finance. Having started his career as a journalist, he purchased the New York Evening Post in 1918 and owned it for four years, and helped found and finance the Saturday Review of Literature in 1924. Later in life, Lamont became a noted philanthropist. There is correspondence with women throughout the collection.

Lamont was a leading figure in New York between the world wars, and his advice and support were sought by many. He supported several high-profile women's causes, such as women's suffrage and the "movement for the seven women's colleges," as he called it. Among women's history materials in the papers are records of his involvement in a 1932 to 1933 $30 million fundraising campaign for the Special Advisory Council for the Seven Colleges.

Much of the Lamont collection consists of correspondence, including letters of recommendation for and financial advice to many women, letters in support of women's suffrage, as well as many private letters, most notably extended exchanges with Sibyl Colefax and with Nancy Astor on personal matters, literature, and world affairs from 1924 to 1948. The collection also contains correspondence between Lamont and painter Enit Kaufman about her "American Portraits" with text by noted American journalist Dorothy Fisher Canfield, a project which Lamont ended up supporting. In 1936, Lamont initiated what was to become a spirited exchange of opinions with Thompson on her New York Herald Tribune column "On the Record," which lasted until 1944. There are some family letters and photographs from family trips.

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