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Lancaster Mills Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 442 1844-1931
Volumes 9, 45-54, 91-129

Lancaster Mills was a cotton textile manufacturer in Clinton, Massachusetts, that also controlled several other cotton mills in Massachusetts. The collection is notable for a long run of payroll records from 1852 to 1913. In 1852, the vast majority of over 400 weavers and 200 spoolers were women. Women also worked in carding, frame spinning, reeling, quilling, and warping rooms. In addition, they were present in the mule spinning department, usually an exclusively male occupation.

Accident reports from 1893 to1905 contain considerable information about the physical tasks included in various job descriptions, as well as the name, age, occupation, nationality, marital status, ability to speak English, and wages of each injured worker.

Twentieth century records contain many women's names and addresses in stockholder lists from 1927 to 1931 and the appearance of two women in the administrative offices of the mill, including Miss Barbara Hammond, a secretary who earned $125 a month in 1925.

Wage and time accounting
Payrolls: Volumes 99-129 (1852-1913)
Time books: Volumes 91-98 (1905-1931)

Company reports and registers; office records
Accident Reports: Volumes 45-54 (1893-1930)

Family and financial records
Stockholder records: Volume 9 (1927-1931)

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