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Mrs. Adams Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 698 1835 A211
Volume 1

The first pages of the notebook detail the travel expenses of Mrs. Adams and her three children. Her escort was given $130.00 to cover their trip.

Much of the rest of the notebook records the expenses of the couple traveling with Mrs. Adams. However, the most interesting part of the volume is a diary that records the events of the journey by canal boat along the Susquehanna. The unidentified man who kept the diary described the landscape that they passed, travel through locks and over aqueducts, interactions with fellow passengers, and his wife's illnesses.

He also recorded information about women besides his wife and Mrs. Adams. While in Pennsylvania he visited Duncan Island, which was owned and managed by a widow, characterized as a "very hospitable woman," who was the proprietor of "a good tract of cotton land and very valuable property."

On June 8 he described the situation of Mrs. McRennel, one of his fellow passengers. She and her six children had traveled to Portsmouth to meet her husband, who had left them in hopes of finding work. On not discovering him in Portsmouth, she was continuing on to Detroit were she hoped to locate him. While on board, Mrs. McRennel took over the cooking and cleaning tasks of the captain's sister, who was scalded in a kitchen accident and could no longer perform her duties.

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