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Frost Family Collection
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Mss 77 1727-1884 F939
Volume 69

George Frost owned a general store in Durham, New Hampshire. The ledger he kept between 1787 and 1798 includes transactions with various women, many of whom worked for him or traded their textiles for goods from the store. The ledger includes accounts for domestic labor performed by women. The women were mainly paid in goods such as shoes, petticoats, aprons, yarn, cloth, cheese, and pork.

Other women appear in the book trading textiles for goods from the store. Mrs. Persons knitted hose and spun yarn and linen thread in trade for butter, cheese, cider, pork, hogs' fat, and wool. Mrs. Durgen washed wool, wove, and made mittens and shoes in exchange for candles, beef, fish, and barley. Mrs. Peantum wove cloth in trade.

Frost's ledger book also includes the accounts of his granddaughter, Peggy Frost Chesley. She is debited for gowns, wool, trimming a cloak and bonnet, a shift, stockings, thread, and a gown. Additionally, the accounts reveal that she owned land in Northfield, New Hampshire, for which she paid taxes in 1797. She also owned a sawmill, which her grandfather occasionally rented and from which she sold him boards.

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