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This page contains an alphabetical list of all the manuscript collections contained in Women, Enterprise and Society: A Guide to Resources in the Business Manuscripts Collection at Baker Library.

Each letter links to a list of manuscript collections that leads to a description of the women's history materials in that collection. It may be helpful first to read User's Guide for information about site organization and navigation strategies.



Samuel Abbot Collection
Mss 761 1754-1819 A129
The papers of an eighteenth-century merchant and Overseer of the Poor in Boston, Massachusetts, include letters from women requesting aid, accounts of payments to teachers, and records of female domestic laborers in his employ.

Mrs. Adams Collection
Mss 698 1835 A211
Notebook detailing the travel expenses of Mrs. Adams and her children while on a trip to Ohio in 1834.

Afro-American Agricultural Laborers Collection
Mss 1 1797-1799 N892
Includes payments to women for spinning yarn.

Alden Sisters Collection
Mss 8995 1822-1844 A425
The guardian account of two young women living in Boston, Massachusetts, between 1822 and 1844.

Winthrop W. Aldrich Collection
Mss 781 1918-1974
Papers of a twentieth-century American banker and diplomat include records of his service on the boards of Barnard College, the New York Girl Scout Federation, and the Henry Street Visiting Nurse Association; correspondence relating to his ambassadorship in London in the 1950s; and some personal and family letters and papers.

E. C. Allen Collection
Mss 680 1871-1896 A425
Includes letters from Phoebe Hanaford, regarding book publications.

Allen-Lane Company Collection
Mss 761 1853-1941
Includes payrolls of nineteenth- and twentieth-century New England textile mills, as well as stockholder records, family records, and information on knitting outwork.

Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1831-1936
Labor records of a Manchester, New Hampshire, textile mill include wage records and employee relations materials.

Anthony Family Collection
Mss 899 1815-1859 A628
Accounts of a general store in Providence, Rhode Island, from 1815 to 1859, in which women are credited for domestic labor and production. The collection also includes the financial papers of Sarah P. Anthony, who was the executrix of her husband's estate, as well as the accounts of her own estate in 1845.

William Appleton and Company Collection
Mss 766 1840-1889
Contains the letter books of Mary Ann Appleton and her daughter, Sarah (Appleton) Lawrence.

Automobile Industry Photograph Collection
Mss 543 1931-1944 A939
Publicity photographs of American automobile manufacturers include images of models posed with automobiles, as well as photographs of plants, war work, and industry stunts and events.

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Baker, B.N. & A. Collection
Mss 773 1837-1857 B168
Records, from 1837 to 1841, of payments to women for producing clothing with materials supplied by a local merchant in Bakersville, Connecticut.

Walter Baker Collection
Mss 435 1812-1945
Labor records and marketing materials of a New England chocolate manufacturer in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Ball and Fobes, Fobes and Hayward Collection
Mss 425 1850-1895
Labor records of a nineteenth-century New England candy manufacturer include women workers.

Earl H. Barber Collection
Mss 75 1910-1969
The business records of Earl Huntington Barber (1883-1974) contain detailed information on work performed by Barber's assistant, Mary Hagerty, as well as women's appeals to the Boston Department of Public Utilities.

Chester I. Barnard Collection
Mss 810 1925-1961 B259
Includes letters to Maria Rogers written between 1947 and 1958. She was a sociologist and editor of the newsletter, Autonomous Groups.

David J. Beach Collection
Mss 871 1775-1848 (1906)
Includes the account book of a teacher who worked in New Jersey between 1801 and 1805, as well as the 1890s household expenses of Mary A. Beach and the 1897 personal expenses of Ellen O. Walkley.

Thomas Bennett Collection
Mss:11 1792-1831 B472
Account book of a Connecticut farmer and toll bridge owner, 1792-1831. Bennett had accounts with several women who wove cloth for him.

Mrs. Elizabeth Bollingham Collection
Mss 83 1697-1795 (Oversized Vertical File)
An indenture documenting the lease of land in Boston in 1697.

Boston Chamber of Commerce Collection
Mss 881 1872-1949
Includes a file of records of the Forewomen's Council of Boston (from 1922 to 1924), information on office workers, and some materials on civic and municipal affairs involving women (from 1911 to 1930).

Boston Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1813-1930
Payrolls of a nineteenth-century Waltham, Massachusetts, textile manufacturer include employee records for women workers.

Boston Town Records--Records of the Overseer of the Poor
Vertical file, Mss 1404
Records of Boston's Overseer of the Poor made between 1702 and 1704.

Boston and Newport Merchants Correspondence
Mss 732 1732-1790 B797
Includes a letter from Jane Curtis, an eighteenth-century Boston, Massachusetts, merchant.

Melatiah Bourn Collection
Mss 732 1732-1790 B797
Contains receipts dated 1750 from three female merchants in Boston, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel Bradley and Company Collection
Mss 77 1827-1886 B811
Records of a company that manufactured palm-leaf hats.

Dexter Brewer Collection
Mss 873 1823-1848 B847
Includes payments to women who worked for a Maine tavern keeper.

Brighton Beach Music Hall Collection
Mss 694 1908-1914
Programs and contracts of a vaudeville theatre in Brooklyn, New York, from 1908 to 1914 document women singers, dancers, and other vaudeville and music hall performers.

Bromfield and Rogers Collection
Mss 761 1784-1824 B868
Papers related to the investments of Hannah B. Rogers between 1823 and 1829.

Frederick Lyman Brown Collection
Mss 8995 1869-1919 B877
Contains household accounts as well as receipts of Elizabeth H. Brown for improvements to her property in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Mrs. Browning Collection
Mss 77 1859-1865 B885
Account book of a woman who owned a notions shop in Hardwick, Massachusetts, during the mid-nineteenth century.

Builders Iron Foundry Collection
Mss 501 1851-1860 B932
Includes letters from female family members.

Samuel Bunker Collection
Mss 871 1802-1828 B942
An account book that includes credits to a woman for cheese, honey, vinegar, hops, a pig, calfskin, and tea.

Business Card Collection
Business cards from the second half of the nineteenth century include advertisements for businesses owned by women.

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Ella Lyman Cabot Collection
Mss 8993 1919-1936 C116
The early twentieth-century financial records of educator Ella Lyman Cabot.

Chace, Luther and Company Collection
Mss 442 1827-1862
The "Laborers's Ledger" (from 1834 to 1839) of a cotton textile mill in Grafton, Massachusetts, lists wage payments to women weavers, as well as credits to boarding house keepers, some of whom were women, for the renters' wages.

Nathaniel Chamberlin Collection
Mss 871 1743-1775 C443
Records the textile production of an eighteenth-century blacksmith's wives and daughters.

Charles C. Chandler Collection
Mss 77 1785-1811 C455
Account book kept by a storeowner and farmer was used later by his widow.

Chapin Family Collection
Mss 1 1782-1866 C463
Documents payments for textiles, butter, and clothing production.

E. B. Chase Collection
Mss 77 1833-1860 C487
Includes credits to various women for making shirts, renting land, and for domestic labor, as well as accounts for Lyndon Academy, a school run by Henry and Ada Chase between 1861 and 1862.

Aaron Claflin Collection
Mss 641 1839-1845 C583
Aaron Claflin manufactured shoes, boots, and palm-leaf hats.

Joseph Cobb/George Deake Collection
Mss 1 1755-1756, 1779-1788 C653
Accounts of an eighteenth-century teacher.

Commercial Insurance Company Collection
Mss 798 1823-1867 C734
Contains letters written by Mrs. Lucy B. Hale to her nephew, Moses Hale, the manager of her children's finances and the executor of her late husband's estate. Also included are the guardian accounts of her daughter, Lucy B. Hale.

Coolidge Family Collection
Mss 8993 1857-1938
The business records of the Coolidge family of Boston, Massachusetts, contain extensive documentation, from 1871 to 1938, on several generations of trusts.

Cordiss Mills Collection
Mss 446 1836-1887 M645
The time books of a woolen mill in Milbury, Massachusetts, (from 1886 to 1887) listing wages of women weavers.

Cousens Collection
Mss 770 1838-1913 C867
Includes wills and estate papers of various women in mid-nineteenth-century Maine, as well as notes from the trial of Mary Stevens.

Albert W. Crafts Collection
Mss 77 1824-1879 C885
Collection of a manufacturer who produced palm-leaf hats.

Miss Sarah Curtis Collection
Mss 871 1862-1866 C891
Two account books for a dry goods store in Hampden, Maine, owned by Sarah Curtis between 1862 and 1866.

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Jeremiah Davis Collection
Mss 1 1787-1822 D261
Contains stories and drawings made by a young girl at the end of the nineteenth century.

De Wolf Family Collection
Mss 766 1795-1904 D523
Contains the accounts of a trust set up by James De Wolf in 1832 for his daughter, Josephine De Wolf Lovett.

Henry Sturgis Dennison Collection
Mss 49 1900-1952
The papers of Henry S. Dennison (1877-1952), author and President of Dennison Manufacturing Company, include an office memoir, his office records, and correspondence regarding vocational education for women, as well as notes for speeches and books on scientific management and industrial relations.

Devonshire Farm Collection
Mss 1 1896-1919
The records of a Sutton, Massachusetts, dairy farm present a detailed account of the domestic economy of a prosperous farming family, as well as the peddlers' accounts with other farm women in the area.

Dike Family Collection
Mss 1 1804-1881 D536
Includes accounts for Mrs. Polly Dike, who ran a farm that had livestock, apple trees, grain, and a cider mill.

Daniel Douglas Collection
Mss 77 1795-1813 D733
Includes payments to women for washing and cleaning, as well as for teaching the art of making clothing.

Dover Green Water Company Collection
Mss 702 (1936) 1949-1956
The papers of a small, private water company in Dover, Massachusetts, record the work of the administrative staff of the mid-twentieth-century Boston law firm that transacted its business.

Dover-Cocheco Collection
Mss 442 1821-1879
The records of a New Hampshire cotton manufacturer (from 1827 to 1845) containing payrolls for women textile workers, as well as records of women stockholders.

R.G. Dun & Company Collection
Mss 791 1840-1895
Consists of 2,580 volumes of handwritten credit reports on individuals and firms from the United States, the western territories, Canada, and the West Indies.

Duren Family Collection
Mss 641 1814-1896 D955
The Duren family papers include an account book that records payments for domestic help between 1841 and 1856, as well as deeds for lands owned by women in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Dwight Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1832-1927 D991
Labor records of a Chicopee, Massachusetts, textile mill include employee records for women workers.

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Eaton-Chase Family Collection
Mss 1 1771-1904 E14
The account book of James Davis credits Mary P. Chase with renting land and selling grass, apples, hay, and wood.

Emery Family Collection
Mss 899 1841-1846, 1902-1923 E53
Lists investments, income, charitable expenses, and personal expenses for various female members of the Emery family of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Equitable Life Assurance Society Collection
Mss 797 1870-1919 E641
Includes letters from the wife, sister, and stepmother of Henry H. Hyde.

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Harris C. Fahnestock Collection
Mss 781 1852-1914 F223
Includes a letter to Emily Ward regarding her attempts to open a school in New York City, New York, in 1890.

Faulkner & Colony Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 446 1815-1948
Labor records of a nineteenth-century New Hampshire textile manufacturer employing women factory workers.

Nahum Fay Collection
Mss 1 1788-1832 F282
Records payments to women for labor, spinning, and weaving performed between 1802 and 1804.

A. Lincoln Filene Collection
Mss 776 1921-1925
The papers of Boston department store President and civic leader A. Lincoln Filene (1865-1957) include correspondence on women's vocational education, some materials on saleswomen at Filene's department store, and correspondence and pamphlets on women active in educational reform.

Forbes Family Collection
Mss 766 1803-1920 F693
Contains letters to and from various female members of the Forbes family, including letters written from Boston before and during the American Revolution, and nineteenth-century letters written in Rio de Janeiro and Canton, China. The collection also includes the 1838 marriage contract between Sarah Perkins and Henry R. Cleveland.

Frost Family Collection
Mss 77 1727-1884 F939
Includes accounts for domestic labor and textile production, as well as the account of Peggy Frost Chesley, who owned a sawmill at the end of the eighteenth century.

J. A. Frye Shoe Company Collection
Mss 641 1867-1903
Ledgers of a Massachusetts shoe manufacturer record payments to women shoe workers.

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William H. Gardiner Collection
Mss 8995 1825, 1840, 1859-1871 G224
Includes a small diary with notes related to an 1840 divorce case.

Gardner Family Collection
Mss 899 1780-1934 G226
The records of the Gardner family of Boston and Salem, Massachusetts, dating from the late eighteenth to the twentieth century, contain legal papers relating to issues of dower and inheritance, trust accounts, and guardianship accounts. The collection also includes a woman's diary written on a trip to Europe in 1849 and silhouettes of women of the family.

Gimbels and Saks Collection
Mss 776 1939-1960
Includes collective bargaining agreements of mid-twentieth-century New York department stores employing women retail clerks.

Eli Goldston Collection
Mss 351 1961-1974
The papers of a Boston, Massachusetts, executive include materials on family social policy; women artists, writers, editors, and office workers; and Elaine Goldston's activities in her husband's career.

N. B. Gordon Collection
Mss 442 1813-1846
Work records (from 1827 to 1847) of an agent for textile companies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts include women workers.

Graves Family Collection
Mss 774 1879-1914 G776
Includes c. 1882-1884 personal and household expenses for Nellie Graves. Also contains a number of handwritten poems.

Henry Grew Collection
Mss 8993 1851-1862 G841
Includes the investment accounts for Jane Wigglesworth Grew, Anna G. Alvord, and Sarah P. Potts, as well as the yearly expenses for Jane and Henry Grew.

Griswold Family Papers Collection
Mss 821 1782-1820 G
Includes early to mid-nineteenth-century correspondence to and from members of two generations of the Griswold family who lived in New England and in the Michigan and Illinois Territories.

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Hall Family Collection
Mss 899 1765-1840 H175
Deeds, receipts, accounts, and legal papers of the Hall family of Medford, Massachusetts, from 1765 to 1840.

Hallowell, Jones and Donald Collection
Mss 761 1871-1954
Includes investment records for women, household accounts, salary records for domestic laborers, and a list of contributors to the Calhoun Colored School in Calhoun, Alabama.

Hamilton Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1825-1917
Labor records of a Lowell, Massachusetts, textile mill include employee records for women workers.

Hamilton Woolen Company Collection
Mss 446 1822-1936
The papers of a Massachusetts woolen manufacturer include women in payroll records, stockholder records, and strike memoranda.

Hancock Collection
Mss 761 1728-1854 H234
Includes letters, receipts, and accounts documenting transactions with various female merchants in eighteenth-century Boston, Massachusetts, as well as mid-eighteenth century letters written by Mary Hancock Perkins to her son while he was a student at Harvard.

Haskell Silk Company Collection
Mss 444 1874-1918
Labor records of a Maine textile manufacturer employing women factory workers.

Theodore A. Havemeyer Estate Collection
Mss 899 1879-1904 H387
The estate papers of a New York businessman contain correspondence and financial records concerning the division of his estate among his wife, Emilie deLoosey Havemeyer, and their five daughters and four sons.

Hayden, Stone & Company Collection
Mss 783 1893-1961
The business records of a New York and Boston financier and broker contain women's investment and trust records, as well as the commission records of several bonds saleswomen.

Heard Family Collection, I
Mss 766 1754-1898 H
This large family collection includes many letters from female members of the Heard Family. Materials discuss travel, financial matters, and family news, as well as the divorce of Mary (Livingston) Heard.

Henniker Crutch Company Collection
Mss 48 1936-1961 H516
Records include those related to Margaret Dow, who ran the company after the death of her father in 1952.

Henry Lee Higginson Collection
Mss 783 1870-1919 H637
Includes letters from various women regarding their investments, as well as correspondence from various female musicians and reformers written during the early twentieth century.

Hillsboro Woolen Mill Company Collection
Mss 446 1880-1935
Records of a New Hampshire woolen manufacturer include information about women workers and investors from 1885 to 1929.

Hobbs' Lands Collection
Mss 768 1824-1914 H684
Documents a widow's management of her late husband's property.

House of Industry (South Boston, Massachusetts) Collection
Mss 9353 1839-1846 H848
Accounts of a South Boston, Massachusetts, poorhouse.

Hunnewell Collection
Mss 733 1823-1869 H
Correspondence of merchant James Hunnewell includes letters from Susan Hunnewell in Charlestown, Massachusetts, from the secretary of the Dorchester Sailor's Friends Society, and from missionaries and their families who were living in Hawaii between 1820 and 1850.

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Industrial Life Photograph Collection
Mss 1412 1920-1941 B979
Includes images of women and men working in twentieth-century factories.

Ipswich Mills Collection
Mss 440 1868-1929
Includes employee relations materials concerning women factory workers and company nurses in an early twentieth-century New England textile factory.

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Ebenezer and Samuel Joy Collection
Mss 100 1806-1827 J88
Records payments to women who worked in the Joy household.

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William Kilby Collection
Mss 871 1795-1812 K48
Includes payments to women for domestic service and for butter and cheese production.

Louis E. Kirstein Collection
Mss 776 1909-1942
The office files of Louis Kirstein, Vice-president of Filene's of Boston (1911-1942), contain material throughout on the professional role of his secretary; correspondence with women working for charities; material on women working at Filene's; and personal correspondence with his sister, wife, and daughters.

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William Lamb Collection
Mss:9353 1836-1841 L218
Diaries of an inmate at the House of Industry in South Boston, Massachusetts, 1836-1841.

Thomas W. Lamont Collection
Mss 783 1894-1948
The papers (from 1894 to 1948) of a renowned New York investment banker, philanthropist, and literary figure include correspondence with many women, mostly originating from his reputation as a financial advisor, his social and cultural activities, and from personal and family contacts.

Lancaster Mills Collection
Mss 442 1844-1931
Records of a nineteenth- and twentieth-century Massachusetts textile manufacturer contain records for women workers and investors

Lawrence Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1831-1926 L419
Labor records of a textile mill in Lowell, Massachusetts, include employee records for women workers.

Robert G. Layer Collection
Mss 442 1951 L513
Work sheets for a 1952 Harvard Ph.D. thesis, containing detailed information from women's payrolls of New England textile mills, from 1825 to 1860, including the Boston, Dwight, Hamilton, Lawrence, and Nashua Manufacturing Companies.

Joseph Lee Collection
Mss 733 1780-1831 L478
Records payments to domestic servants who worked in the Lee household between 1810 and 1813.

Caleb Lincoln Collection
Mss 100 1791-1803 L737
Mentions two young girls working in a paper mill.

Cornelia W. Loring Collection
Mss 8995 1835-1859 L873
Documents the personal and charitable expenses of Cornelia Loring.

Lyman Mills Collection
Mss 442 1854-1927 L986
Records of a textile mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts, from 1854 to 1927 include payrolls, rent records, and accident notices, as well as material on the importation of women workers.

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R. H. Macy and Company Collection
Mss 776 1858-1919 M177
Includes interviews that describe the work of female executives during the early years of Macy's department store.

Manufacturers' Research Association Collection
Mss 883 1922-1932
The records of a Boston, Massachusetts, association for the exchange of information, organized by Massachusetts firms in different industries, contain materials on office procedures, as well as employment conditions of clerical workers.

McCrillis Family Collection
Mss 77 1845-1923 (1946) M132
Personal expenses of Miss Genieve Frazier McCrillis.

Thomas H. McKittrick Collection
Mss 78 1924-1946
The records and correspondence of international banker Thomas Harrington McKittrick (1889-1970) contain financial records and trust accounts for various women of the family; letters, dated 1943 to 1945, from his daughter Elizabeth Benson McKittrick at Vassar College; and information on the working lives of his secretaries.

Joshua Mellen Collection
Mss 871 1798-1802 M525
Records payments to domestic laborers.

Mixter-Knight Collection
Mss 455 1833-1847 B987
Includes records of payments to women who produced palm-leaf hats.

S. Griffitts Morgan Collection
Mss 761 1843-1863 M849
Includes letters from the mother and sisters of S. Griffits Morgan. Describes their financial situations, family squabbles, and work during the civil war.

Asa P. Morse and Company Collection
Mss 7635 1849-1881 M885
Contains letters from Morse's nieces and sister-in-law, as well as female professionals working for the city of Boston.

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Nashua Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1824-1932
Records of nineteenth- and twentieth-century cotton textile mills in New England include employee records for women workers and information about women stockholders.

Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company Collection
Mss 442 1845-1947
The records of a Massachusetts cotton manufacturer include signed contracts with women workers from 1878 to 1911.

Benjamin Newton Collection
Mss 766 1843-1864 N561
Includes letters written by Elizabeth Newton, describing her life in nineteenth-century Newport, Rhode Island.

J. Howard Nichols Collection
Mss 766 1856-1905 N619
The Nichols collection includes letters from his mother, daughters, and sisters, one of whom worked as a missionary in Turkey in the mid-nineteenth century.

Northbridge Cotton Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1814-1848 N872
Accounts with women who wove cloth for the company.

Dennis Northrup Collection
Mss 1 1825-1830 N877
Credits women for ashes, corn, rolls, weaving linen, spinning yarn, making shoes, and washing.

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Matilda Oliver Collection
Mss 8995 1833-1885 O48
Four volumes of personal accounts documenting the teaching and sewing endeavors of two sisters living in Boston, Massachusetts, between 1833 and 1885.

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Parkhill Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1879-1928
Labor records of a late nineteenth-, early twentieth-century Massachusetts textile manufacturer employing women factory workers.

Theophilus Parsons Collection
Mss 8995 1862-1882 P271
Collection includes receipts for women who sold dairy products.

Alfred Patterson Collection
Mss 768 1895-1929
The appointment books, ledgers, and cash books of a real estate broker and insurance agent in Arlington, Massachusetts, record real estate purchases, rent payments, tax and utility payments, and payments for insurance policies by numerous women from 1895 to 1920.

Paxton, Massachusetts, Town Records Collection
Mss 926 1827-1852 P342
Town accounts of Paxton, Massachusetts, include payments to support the town's poor, as well as payments to teachers.

Henry W. Peabody and Company Collection
Mss 766 1867-1957
Letters concerning controversy over the estate of Nannie Brayton Borden Peabody of Boston, Massachusetts (1852-1903).

Peace Dale Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 446 1742-1919
Records of a nineteenth-century Rhode Island textile manufacturer include information on women workers, an eighteenth-century South Carolina plantation day book, and bank and estate records for Mary P. Hazard.

E. W. Peirce Collection
Mss 414 1877-1911 P616
Diary used by a schoolgirl in the early twentieth century.

Pepperell Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1741-1928 P424
Records of a Maine cotton manufacturer include employment records for women workers and information about women investors.

Charles Phelps Collection
Mss 1 1805-1858 P538
Records payments for domestic labor.

Isaac G. Pierson and Brothers Collection
Mss 501 1795-1865
Records of nineteenth-century nail and cotton factories include employee records for women workers and company store records.

Plymouth Cordage Company Collection
Mss 463 1824-1966 P738
The records of a rope manufacturer include employment records for women workers and information on company welfare systems and medical care.

Plympton Cotton Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1817-1840
Women's accounts with a company store in Plympton, Massachusetts, from 1830 to 1840.

Pontoosuc Woolen Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss:446 1855-1904
Labor records of nineteenth-century Massachusetts textile manufacturer employing women factory workers.

B.S. Pray and Company Collection
Mss 766 1868-1926
The correspondence of a Boston, Massachusetts, import-export firm contains letters to the wives of business relations and employees.

Northfield, Vermont, Public Institutions Collection
Mss 930 1825-1855 N873
Town records of Northfield, Vermont, including the accounts of the Overseer of the Poor.

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Raff and Gammon Collection
Mss 692 1894-1897 R136
Includes letters from Annette Reynolds, who was buying and selling Vitascope films in upstate New York.

Raymond's Collection
Mss 776 1956-1972
Copy ads, 1956 to 1972, of a Boston, Massachusetts, discount warehouse that provide insight into American gender imagery and family consumption patterns.

Reed and Gardner Collection
Mss 77 1782-1791 B323
Comprises the papers of Mary Reed, widow and executrix for the estate of Isaac Reed.

Resseguie Collection
Mss 776 c.1945-1966
Contains the research files of Harry E. Resseguie for a publication on the history of the department store in the second half of the twentieth century. Clippings from Women's Wear Daily and other newspapers, as well as manuscript notes, offer a wealth of information on all aspects of the history of the department stores and the retail industry.

Ropes Family Collection
Mss 766 1789-1875 R785
Contains letters written by various female members of the Ropes family, including letters written while part of the family was living in St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as guardian accounts for Sarah Sewall's children.

Roxbury Carpet Company Collection
Mss 461 1837-1923
Labor records of nineteenth-century Massachusetts carpet and textile factory that employed mostly women workers.

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Sawyer Woolen Mills Collection
Mss 446 1858-1902
Records of a nineteenth-century New Hampshire textile manufacturer include employment records for women workers.

Scovill Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 590 1790-1956 S432
Records of a Connecticut manufacturer of brass objects include information about women factory workers, as well as records on organized labor and employee club activities involving women.

Ship Reindeer Collection
Mss 252 1852-1860 R364
Diary of Adra Ashley, written while she was traveling on a whaling ship between Hawaii and New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Ship William Wirt Collection
Mss 252 1853-1857 R364
Diary of Adra Ashley, written while on her voyage to Hawaii from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Slater Companies Collection
Mss 442 1793-1926 S631
Records of a series of nineteenth-century New England textile mills contain information about women workers, patronage records, as well as some information on Slater family estates.

Slave Trade
Vertical file: Mss 1404
Contains documents related to the slave trade dating from 1750 to 1832.

Mary Smith Collection
Mss 83 1699 (Oversized Vertical File)
Transfer of land in Watertown, Massachusetts, from Mary Smith to her son Daniel in 1699.

Richard Smith Collection
Mss 301 1761-1795 S657
Includes deeds recording the sale of land by Hannah Stevens in 1769 and Sharon Pease in 1791.

Richard S. Smith Collection
Mss 766 1792-1811 S657
Papers of Hannah Smith, executrix of her husband's 1796 estate.

Spencer Wire Company Collection
Mss 596 1876-1929 S745
Clerks' records, documenting the meetings of stockholders and the election of officers, including a woman director and president.

E. H. Stewart/Higbee Company Collection
Mss 776 1932-1944
Survey records for a Cleveland, Ohio, department store contain information on salary ranges, a poll of buying habits in the area, as well as reports and manuals for a company whose business was dominated by women.

Ebenezer Storer & Son Collection
Mss 761 1761-1788 (1829) S884
Will and estate papers of Ebenezer Storer.

Don Juan Stoughton Collection
Mss 91 1794-1820 S889
Letter book containing Stoughton's correspondence with the Widow McRoberts & Company in Cadiz, Spain, mainly regarding her interest in Spanish ships, as well as letters from Mrs. John Stoughton regarding the settlement of her husband's estate.

Suncook Mills Collection
Mss 442 1864-1954
Records of series of merging nineteenth- and twentieth-century New England textile companies include information about women textile workers, clerical workers, labor union officials, and stockholders.

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Thomas S. Taylor Collection
Mss 77 1807-1863 T238
Includes accounts for Mary Barber, who ran a tavern in Kingston, Rhode Island, in the 1820s.

Thorndike Company Collection
Mss 442 1836-1918
Labor records and stock ledger of two Massachusetts textile manufacturers with women employees and women investors.

Trade Card Collection
Collection of nineteenth-century trade cards provides insight into American gender imagery and family consumption patterns, and includes several cards advertising businesses owned by women.

Trade Catalog Collection
Collection of nineteenth-century trade catalogs provides insight into the development of domestic technology and the emergence of consumer products, and includes catalogs for businesses owned by women.

Israel E. Trask Collection
Mss 899 1807-1861 T775
Includes lists of slaves living on the Trask plantation, as well as accounts, bills, and receipts belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Trask.

Trotter Collection
Mss 761 1798-1955
The Trotter Papers contain materials (1816-1819) related to the children of William and Molly Trotter, as well as letters from a New Jersey storeowner.

Gustavus Tuckerman, Jr. Collection
Mss:766 1847-1898 T896
Family letters received by a Boston merchant based in Italy, India, and China during the 1840s and 1850s.

Tudor Company Collection, II
Mss 766 1753-1868 T912
Contains letters from various members of the Tudor family, including the wife, mother, and sisters of Frederic Tudor.

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United States Instantaneous Photographic Company Collection
Vertical file: Mss 1404
Papers relating to Ella Floyd as a major stockholder in the United States Instantaneous Photographic Company.

University Associates Trust Collection
Mss 891 1900-1960
The records of a Boston area real estate investment trust include many women investors and beneficiaries of trusts.

Ellis B. Usher Collection
Mss 201 1800-1868 U85
Contains the accounts and papers of Hannah Usher, who ran her husband's store and sawmill after his death in 1855.

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Vertical files: legislative bodies
Mss 1404
Declaration of a Revolutionary War widow seeking a pension.

Vertical file: religious
Mss 1404
Three letters written by women discussing their religious communities. One of the writers was a missionary on her way to her post in the Pacific.

Vertical file: retail selling
Mss 1404
The grocery accounts of Lucretia Gowdey and a letter written by Harriet Hall.

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Waltham Watch Company Collection
Mss 598 1854-1929
Records of a watch manufacturer in Waltham, Massachusetts, include information on women workers.

Felix M. Warburg Collection
Mss 783 1912-1936
The office files of Felix Moritz Warburg (1887-1937), investment banker in New York, contain material on secretarial work, payroll records of Warburg's domestic staff in 1919 and 1932, and personal correspondence with various women.

Ward and Gow Collection
Mss 767 1895-1919
Includes payrolls for office staff, theater staff, and music hall performers.

Nathan Webb Collection
Mss 833 1859-1902 W367
The records of a Maine lawyer and judge include private correspondence, estate correspondence, legal papers, and financial records concerning a number of women.

Wendell Family Collection
Mss 733 1722-1865
Includes women's personal correspondence, essays and school papers, and John Dorr's diary and eulogy for his wife, Esther Goldthwait Dorr. The collection also contains letters written to Anne Rindge between 1742 and 1748 regarding her shipping interests, and the papers of Dorothy Wendell, who ran a cattle farm in the early part of the nineteenth century.

Western Electric Hawthorne Studies Collection
Mss 583 1924-1934
Records of a Chicago study in industrial and employee relations (from 1924 to 1934) include productivity measurements, reports, research papers, transcripts of conversations, and extensive interviews with women workers in an electrical plant.

J.J. White Paper Company Collection
Mss 495 c.1929-1945
Records of a paper company co-owned by Mary Cardarelli and sold in 1963 to Phoenix Building Products, co-owned by Mary A. Reynolds.

Whiton and March Collection
Mss 761 1843-1857 W623
A diary kept by Mary Elizabeth Whiton between 1874 and 1906, describing the important events in the lives of her family.

Dexter Whittemore & Son Collection
Mss 77 1809-1868 W624
Records of a company that manufactured palm-leaf hats.

Stephen Williams Collection
Mss 1 1804-1828 W719
Williams credits his mother for spinning, weaving, lambs' wool, picking cotton, and lining and binding shoes.

Windham Manufacturing Company Collection
Mss 442 1822-1905
Labor records of nineteenth-century Connecticut textile manufacturer include employment records for women workers.

Francis W. Winn Collection
Mss 44 1710-1938
The ledger of a woolen textile mill and general store in Dexter, New York, records payments for piecework to women weavers.

William H. Witherle Collection
Mss 77 1806-1892 W
Records of payments to women for knitting mittens with yarn supplied by a local merchant.

Woodbridge and Backus Families Collection
Mss 770 1754-1890 B126
The Woodbridge and Backus Families Collection includes letters to and from a number of women in both families, from the late eighteenth to the late nineteenth century.

Worcester Cotton Manufactory Collection
Mss 442 1789-1791 W922
Records of an eighteenth-century New England textile mill.

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