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Trusts and Guardianship

Alden Sisters Collection
Mss 8995 1822-1844 A425
The guardian account of two young women living in Boston, Massachusetts, between 1822 and 1844.

Ella Lyman Cabot Collection
Mss 8993 1919-1936 C116
The early twentieth-century financial records of educator Ella Lyman Cabot.

Commercial Insurance Company Collection
Mss 798 1823-1867 C734
Contains letters written by Mrs. Lucy B. Hale to her nephew, Moses Hale, the manager of her children's finances and the executor of her late husband's estate. Also included are the guardian accounts of her daughter, Lucy B. Hale.

Coolidge Family Collection
Mss 8993 1857-1938
The business records of the Coolidge family of Boston, Massachusetts, contain extensive documentation, from 1871 to 1938, on several generations of trusts.

De Wolf Family Collection
Mss 766 1795-1904 D523
Contains the accounts of a trust set up by James De Wolf in 1832 for his daughter, Josephine De Wolf Lovett.

Gardner Family Collection
Mss 899 1780-1934 G226
The records of the Gardner family of Boston and Salem, Massachusetts, dating from the late eighteenth to the twentieth century, contain legal papers relating to issues of dower and inheritance, trust accounts, and guardianship accounts. The collection also includes a woman's diary written on a trip to Europe in 1849 and silhouettes of women of the family.

Thomas H. McKittrick Collection
Mss 78 1924-1946
The records and correspondence of international banker Thomas Harrington McKittrick (1889-1970) contain financial records and trust accounts for various women of the family; letters, dated 1943 to 1945, from his daughter Elizabeth Benson McKittrick at Vassar College; and information on the working lives of his secretaries.

Ropes Family Collection
Mss 766 1789-1875 R785
Contains letters written by various female members of the Ropes family, including letters written while part of the family was living in St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as guardian accounts for Sarah Sewall's children.

Trotter Collection
Mss 761 1798-1955
The Trotter Papers contain materials (1816-1819) related to the children of William and Molly Trotter, as well as letters from a New Jersey storeowner.

University Associates Trust Collection
Mss 891 1900-1960
The records of a Boston area real estate investment trust include many women investors and beneficiaries of trusts.

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Page of accounts for Lydia Augusta Alden, 1824.

This account book, kept by the guardian of Hannah Marie and Lydia Augusta Alden between 1822 and 1844, details the personal expenses and the sources of income for the two sisters living in Boston. Their expenses represent numerous aspects of the lives of two young girls of means, including purchases of clothing and furniture as well as expenses for rent, education, entertainment, and transportation. Their income derived from stocks in banks, railroads, and other companies as well as real estate. Hannah came of age in 1841. For the next three years, the book records only the accounts of Lydia, who herself came of age in 1844.

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Journal of Coolidge trusts, 1895-1925, showing the initial deposits for trusts that Thomas Jefferson Coolidge created for his granddaughters.

The Coolidge Family Collection contains the business records of the Coolidge family of Boston, Massachusetts, from 1857 to 1938. The collection documents the controlled transfer of family capital through several generations of trusts, often with women as the beneficiaries. It contains the financial records for the Hart Trust, William Appleton Trust, and the trust accounts Thomas Jefferson Coolidge created for his children and grandchildren. This page shows the initial deposits for the trusts he created for his granddaughters.

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