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Scovill Manufacturing Company Collection
Catalog Record
Mss 590 1790-1956 S432
Volumes 54-87, cartons 33 and 35, box 33C

The Scovill Manufacturing company produced brass objects such as buttons, screws, and tools in Waterbury, Connecticut, from 1802 to 1956. Payroll records from 1862 to 1916 indicate that about half of the workers were women. The collection also contains records of employee organizations and company reports on union activities.

By 1920, the company had a well-developed employee relations structure, including a cafeteria that employed waitresses, a large number of recreational and betterment organizations, and an employee bulletin. The collection contains records of the Scovill Bulletin, with information about the company library, the Scovill Girls' Club, and the Sunshine Fund. The latter was organized and administered by Miss N. A. O'Brien, Superintendent of the Industrial Hospital, in 1924 to raise funds for emergency relief for Scovill employees.

The company kept detailed records on its work force. Among the employee records are lists of employees by age and years of service, of nurses and nursing volunteers during the influenza epidemics of 1918 and 1920, and reports on accidents by gender from the company's hospital. Papers on a 1920 strike analyze employee participation by gender and marital status, as well as skill level, nationality, age, literacy level, and distribution through the factory. According to the company's charts for June, 1920, some 20 percent of the female employees went on strike, as compared to 45 percent of the men.

Wage and time accounting
Payrolls (1862-1916): volumes 54-78
Time Books (1881-1920): volumes 79-87

Employee relations materials including labor organization
Employee activities and welfare problems, including the Scovill girls' club, education classes, accident reports, job evaluations, and material on the 1920 strike (1917-1943): carton 33

"Old employment office files" including forms to advertise for female factory workers and lists of teachers and schoolgirls hired during the summer of 1918: box 33C

Miscellaneous labor materials, including wage scales and a 1943 equal pay for equal work agreement that does accept a lower general wage scale for women than for men: carton 35

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