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Women At Work: Manual Labor 
Pre- and Non-Industrial Labor | Outwork | Factory Labor: Textiles | Factory Labor: Other

Collections related to women’s home production, women’s cottage industries, and women laborers in the textile industry and in other industries.

Women At Work: Professional Labor 
Teachers | Office Workers | Executives | Other Professions

Collections that document women as teachers, business managers, secretaries and office clerks, sales clerks, missionaries, writers, and reformers.

Women, Finance, And Investment 
Business Ownership | Property Ownership | Financial Management | Household Accounts

Collections that document women as entrepreneurs, owners of land, and investors, as well as the management of women’s finances and household expenses.

Women And The Law 
Marriage and Coverture | Trusts and Guardianship | Living in Poverty | Slavery

Collections that document various forms of women’s legal dependence, such as marriage under common law coverture, forms of financial guardianship, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century care for the indigent, and slavery.

Women At Home And Abroad 
Letters | Social, Political, and Cultural Activities | Diaries | Ideologies of Womanhood

Collections with materials on women’s private lives and non-economic interactions with public life, such as letters, diaries, records of women’s social and political activities, and materials on public images of womanhood.

Home Collections
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