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Levin-Townsend International, Inc.

Company Dealoffering of $15,000,000 of 5% guaranteed convertible debentures due 1988
Transaction TypeGuaranteed Convertible Debentures
Deal DescriptionLevin-Townsend International, Inc., used the proceeds from this transaction to obtain funds from sources outside the United States to make investments, including loans, in foreign companies operating outside the United States in which Levin-Townsend Computer Corporation (the company's parent) and/or Levin-Townsend International owned or was to own stock having 10% or more of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock. Until the proceeds were used for such purposes, the company made temporary investments or deposits in banks abroad. Levin-Townsend International, through various subsidiaries, expected to enter the computer leasing business outside the United States.
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