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Harvey Aluminum (Incorporated)

Company Deal$25,000,000 5 1/2% convertible subordinated debentures
Transaction TypeConvertible Subordinated Debentures
Deal DescriptionHarvey Aluminum (Incorporated) initially applied the net proceeds from this transaction to its general funds. The company intended to use the proceeds to assist in its development as a fully integrated producer of aluminum and aluminum mill products. At that time, the company's expansion program included a 350,000 ton aluminum plant in St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands; a 60,000 ton aluminum rolling mill in Lewisport, Kentucky; participation by a subsidiary of the company with the government of Guinea in a project for the development of the bauxite reserves of northwest Guinea; participation with a Norwegian corporation in a project to establish an 84,500 ton aluminum reduction facility and a 52,900 ton fabricating facility in Karmoy, Norway.
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