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Government of Jamaica

Company Deal$10,000,000 5 3/4% sinking fund external loan bonds due March 1, 1974; $2,500,000 5 1/2% serial external loan bonds due September 1, 1960-March 1, 1964
Transaction TypeSinking Fund External Loan Bonds -- Serial External Loan Bonds
Deal DescriptionThe government of Jamaica used the net proceeds from both transactions to meet a portion of the expenditures for economic and social developments, which are contemplated in connection with the program entitled "A National Plan for Jamaica 1957-67." The specific purposes to which such proceeds were applied included agricultural development, general development (e.g., airport development, development finance, development of the tourist industry, drainage works and control, and port and harbor development), communications (railways and roads), housing, water supplies, municipal and parochial works, and reloan to the Water Commission (corporate Area), a statutory body established by Jamaican law.
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