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Fred Meyer, Inc.

Company Deal$15,000,000 4 1/2% convertible subordinated debentures due June 15, 1997
Transaction TypeConvertible Subordinated Debentures
Deal DescriptionFred Meyer, Inc., added the net proceeds from this transaction to its general funds. The company planned to construct two shopping centers in Tacoma, Washington, one in Longview, Washington, and one in Eugene, Oregon and a warehouse near Spokane, Washington. It also planned to remodel two existing shopping centers located in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. In the three shopping centers in Tacoma and Longview, the warehouse and the remodeling were scheduled for completion in 1973. The Eugene shopping center was scheduled for completion in 1974. A portion of the proceeds was to be applied to equip and stock these new stores, as well as to equip and stock a new shopping center in Albany, Oregon, expected to open in 1972.
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