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Dayton-Hudson Corporation

Company Deal349,000 shares common stock (par value $1 per share), $25,000,000 7 3/4% sinking fund debentures due July 15, 1994
Transaction TypeSinking Fund Debentures
Deal DescriptionDayton-Hudson Corporation used the net proceeds from this transaction for the construction and fixturing of new stores planned for 1969 and for working capital to support anticipated sales volumes in these and existing stores. Construction projects commenced in 1968 to have been completed in 1969 and 1970 included Rosedale, Southland, and Genesee Valley Shopping Centers, a 604,000 square foot Dayton's warehouse in northeast Minneapolis, Diamond's store in Tri-City Mall, seven Target stores, a 400,000 square foot Target warehouse north of Minneapolis, and a 765-car parking ramp across from Dayton's downtown Minneapolis store.
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