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County of Monroe, Michigan

Company Deal$14,305,000 pollution control revenue bonds, collateralized series D
Transaction TypePollution Control Revenue Bonds
Deal DescriptionThe County of Monroe, Michigan issued the bonds to finance the costs of acquisition, installation, and construction of air pollution control facilities, including the costs of the bond issue, for sale to the Detroit Edison Company (the Company) for use at its Monroe Plant. The pollution control facilities (the Project) financed was sold to the Company pursuant to an installment sales contract between the municipality and the Company. The Project consisted of certain air pollution control equipment including rights in land. It was installed as part of unit nos. 1, 2, and 3 of the Monroe Plant of the Company located on the shore of Lake Erie in Monroe County. The Project consisted of three Research Cottrell electrostatic precipitators, one located just south of the boiler house at each of units no. 1, 2, and 3, an auxiliary precipitator connected south of and in series with the main precipitator at unit no. 3 and concrete floors and substructures, structural steel superstructure, electrical equipment, instrumentation, and ductwork for each precipitator.
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