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Clark Oil & Refining Corp.

Company DealClark Oil & Refining Corporation: 502,640 common shares
Transaction TypeCommon Stock
Deal DescriptionClark Oil & Refining Corporation did not receive any portion of the proceeds from this transaction. All shares offered were sold by the selling Shareholders. The group of selling shareholders consisted of Irene M. Stackner and First Wisconsin Trust Company as co-executors under the last will and testament of John S. Stackner, Stackner Family Foundation, Inc., First Wisconsin Trust Company and Patrick W. Cotter as co-trustees of twelve trusts established by John S. Stackner (for the benefit of Stackner Family Foundation, Inc., Patricia S. Trebler, Charles and Agnes Stackner, Harry and Mary Montgomery, Peter Lehr, Cornelia Lehr Rajnicek, William Lehr, Cornelia McIntyre, John Arthur Treiber, Nancy Lee Treiber, Susan Irene Treiber, and Paul Michael Treiber), Charles N. Parisi, and Charles J. Salvo.
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