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Cenco Instruments Corp.

Company DealCenco Incorporated: 293,025 shares of common stock
Transaction TypeCommon Stock
Deal DescriptionCenco Incorporated did not receive any portion of the proceeds of this transaction. All shares offered were sold to the underwriters from the selling stockholders. The group of selling stockholders consisted of Harry S. Shapiro, Herbert R. Leopold & Associates, Inc., Bruce Gordon, Frieda Solomon, Aaron Solomon, Evelyn Levenberg, Albert S. Levenberg, Joseph A. Rossi, Robert C. Rasmussen, Louis Uchitel, Charles Clement, James R. Haverkos, Theodore C. Beach, Gordon E. Stanley, Alfred A. Strelsin, Ralph C. Read, Betty Rhein, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc., James W. Seymour, Charles Adler, Alvin A. Aptaker, Dorothy Chick, Charles H. Fischberg, Fannie Fischberg, Bert B. Weinstein & Harry H. Ruskin, Edward E. Brush, John F. Apperson, H. L. Swiger, Stephen V. Thompson, J. Steur, Maurice Fischberg, Marcia Gold, Albert Goldberg, Betty Grapey, Rose Horowitz, George Irwin & Ada Irwin, Marilyn Lee, Burton Spellman, Burton Spellman & Roslyn Spellman, Milton A. Woocher, Sylvia Woocher, Elliot Woocher, Lois Woocher, Lavern A. Miller, H. M. Bebout, Philip D. Gelvin, American National Insurance Company, John H. Everett, and Richard T. Spitz.
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