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California Pollution Control Financing Authority

Company Deal1974 pollution control revenue bonds (Fibreboard Corporation)
Transaction TypePollution Control Revenue Bonds
Deal DescriptionThe California Pollution Control Finance Authority deposited all proceeds from this deal in the construction fund, moneys from which were used to pay the costs of the project, including reimbursement of costs previously paid by the company. The project is part of a program of air and water pollution abatement in which Fibreboard Corporation engaged in order to comply with regulatory requirements of the state of California and the United States. The air pollution control facilities of the project consisted of an electrostatic precipitator and a heavy black liquor oxidizer, as well as the associated instrumentation and monitoring equipment to comply with local air emission standards. The water pollution control facilities consisted of a waste-water treatment system and the associated sumps, pumps, piping, and related equipment for the removal of suspended solids and organic matter to comply with local water effluent standards.
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