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Caisse Nationale des Autoroutes

Company DealCaisse Nationale Des Autoroutes: $20,000,000 9% guaranteed dollar notes due November 15, 1976, guaranteed by the Republic of France
Transaction TypeNotes
Deal DescriptionCaisse Nationale des Autoroutes used the net proceeds from this transaction to make further loans to autoroute companies to enable them to continue the construction and maintenance of French autoroutes. Such companies, which had been granted concessions to build and operate toll highways in France, were companies whose shares were owned in part by local organizations interested in the toll highways, including the communities along their toll highways and the departments through which the toll highways they build and operate run. In addition, the Caisse des Depots et Consignations was a shareholder in each of the autoroute companies. The Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Equipment and Housing both had representatives on the Board of Directors of each autoroute company. The Ministry of Equipment and Housing had general supervisory powers over the operation of the autoroute companies, whereas their financial activities were supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. At the time of the deal the companies included Societe de lAutoroute Esterel-Cote dAzur, Societe de lAutoroute Paris-Lyon, Societe de lAutoroute de la Vallee du Rhone, Societe des Autoroutes du Nord et de lEst de la France, and Societe de lAutoroute de Paris-Normandie.
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