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Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc.

Company Deal500,000 shares of common stock
Transaction TypeCommon Stock
Deal DescriptionBooz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc., did not receive any proceeds from this transaction. All shares offered were sold by the selling stockholders. The company's management believed that a public market for its common stock would facilitate the growth of its business through the possible acquisition of other organizations and would enable the company to provide stock incentive plans for its personnel. The group of selling stockholders consisted of James L. Allen, Charles P. Bowen Jr., Edwin L. Morris, John W. Pocock, James A. Newman, James W. Taylor, Joseph M. Kubert, Alfred J. Gagnon, George F. Hamson, Ralph E. Smiley, Conrad Jones, Thornton W. Snead Jr., Watson Snyder Jr., John T. Shutack, F. Newton Parks, C. Arnold Kalman, Harry L. Vincent, H. Lawrence Wilsey, Daniel T. Carroll and James W. Bannon.
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